Beyond Reach is a DLC sized mod that takes place in the east of High Rock, commonly known as The Reach. You will experience a story of intrigue, conspiracies sowed by both men and gods, and the struggles of those in the most squalid situations. Exploration is a key feature of this mod, with multiple shortcuts and unlikely routes making your trek across the region more exhilarating, yet more dangerous. Quality voice acting and an engrossing Main Quest will have you immersed in the harrowing story of a downtrodden land and people.

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It's a pretty well representation of the Reach. I've been waiting my entire Elder Scroll life on a map based on High Rock.
Good job man, I'm using this mod for every playthrough! I hope you expand this mod further more.

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Sep 24th, 2015

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Aug 18th, 2015

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Jul 3rd, 2015

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Jun 27th, 2015

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Jun 25th, 2015

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