The BattleGroup42 team aim to promote team-play in a historically accurate and fun environment set across the battlefields of World War 2. With each successive release BG42 is developing its own style of unique gameplay. Scout forward positions and call in covering fire as a troop of friendly tanks roll forward backed by APC support, fly air cover protecting your bombers from marauding interceptors, assault an enemy beachhead taking the forward positions before moving inland to victory!

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Oct 20th, 2010
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Battlegroup42 1.7 Client Installer Part 2 MD5 HASH: 914f37bf3cb33928ce2ed8550dad35d4 Install instructions: * Delete any Previous installations of Battlegroup42 * Install Parts in order * Play and Enjoy


Map fixes/changes:
- changed vehicle spawns in Coop mode on 4107-dnieper_river
- increased capture radius for CPs in Coop mode on 4107-dnieper_river
- fixed vehicle spawns on 4503-cologne
- changed some soldier spawns on 4503-cologne_trainstation
- removed the tree inside the house on 4307-114_to_messina
- greatly reduced the amount of vehicles on 4106-battle_of_brody to increase performance
- removed push mode from 4412-noville due to popular demand
- removed some soldierspawns in Coop mode on 4208-milne_bay to avoid bots getting stuck in houses
- changed SdKfz 251 to correct one (with MG34) on 4005-train_raid_at_mill
- moved some soldierspawns on battle_of_the_bulge to avoid mass spawnkilling at some CPs
- replaced one Fletcher destroyer on Midway with USS Salt Lake City
- replaced one Fletcher destroyer on Tokyo Express with USS Salt Lake City
- removed all EA match maps from the build
- moved one problematic soldierspawn in Axis base on 4411-the_roer_plains to a better position
- increased the defgun hitpoints on 4411-operation_infatuate
- lowered the town CP in Aberdeen Coop to the ground
- exchanged the Hanomag on 4202-tracking_the_wolves to one with MG34
- removed two sandbags in a bunker on 4202-tracking_the_wolves to allow proper usage of stationary MG34
- fixed the ladder in Capuzzo fort on 4106-halfaya_pass
- exchanged the Australian AT kit with PIAT to kit with Boys rifle on 4201-rabaul
- added proper texture paths to 4205-battle_of_the_coral_sea and invasion_of_the_philippines
- changed German forces on 4111-operation_crusader to Italians
- re-worked 4111-operation_crusader to better represent the bad weather during November 1941
- re-worked 4005-kornwerderzand
- replaced Panzer IV D with Panzer IV E on all early Russian front maps
Mesh/Code fixes/changes:
- re-exported many meshes (re-welded and re-smoothed to decrease amount of verts)
- changed frontal armor of SU-100 to correct values (sloped 75mm)
- fixed SU-122 camera
- new COL meshes for all Sherman tanks (improved shapes, corrected MatIDs)
- new COL meshes for "Berlin_Bridge2_m1" (it's no longer possible to use the exploit)
- fixed the supply depot of open M3A1 APC
- added the missing steering wheel to SdKfz 251 variants (only the BGF model is affected by this)
- re-coded the camera of capital ships to rotate up/down with the barrels
- new L1 meshes for some vehicles
- reduced the LOD distance from 300 to 200 meters
- re-sized Opel Blitz to correct size
- decreased the effective AI firing range of automatic handweapons to 50 meters to increase realism
- added spotter position to BA-6
- re-sized Arisaka rifle to correct size
- re-coded plane physics (made by Edke)
- re-sized Staghound AA and Staghound III
- fixed some AI template bugs in Air/Land/Sea vehicles
- rotated the catapult on Salt Lake City by 180 degrees
- slightly increased the firing rate of the M10 Wolverine to match other 76mm guns
- re-worked COL02 for Flower class corvette (stairs are easier to climb now)
- new LOD for fishing boat (you no longer see water inside the boat)
- fixed splash damage of Daimler and Panhard 178 guns
New content:
- Chinese army
- 3706-kanchatzu_incident, made by Yamamoto
- 3712-fall_of_nanking, made by Yamamoto (Coop made by Sarge31FR)
- 3908-khalkin_gol, made by Yamamoto (Coop made by Sarge31FR)
- 4004-stonne, made by Sarge Surfat (Coop made by Sarge31FR)
- 4005-hannut_steel, made by Sarge Surfat
- 4005-willemsbrug, made by Sarge Surfat
- 4011-kalamas_line, made by Yamamoto (Coop made by Sarge31FR)
- 4103-koufra_raid, made by Sarge Surfat (Coop made by Sarge31FR)
- 4104-battle_of_keren, made by Sarge Surfat (Coop made by Lotte)
- 4104-thermopylae, made by zara5ustra, re-worked by Sarge Surfat
- 4106-the_mad_mile, made by Sarge Surfat (Coop made by DACV)
- 4108-uman_pocket
- 4203-burma_road, made by Yamamoto
- 4208-phosphate_fever, made by Yamamoto (Conquest only)
- 4301-tridentina_avanti, made by Sarge Surfat (Coop made by Sarge31FR)
- 4301-voronezh, made by Gamlin, re-worked by Sarge Surfat
- 4307-gela_beach, re-worked version of Road to Rome's "Operation Husky", converted by Yamamoto/Sarge Surfat
- 4307-route_to_agira, made by Sarge Surfat (Coop made by Sarge31FR)
- 4405-operation_diadem
- 4406-brecourt_manor, made by Sarge Surfat (Conquest and Objective mode (coded by Sarge31FR))
- 4504-pounding_the_rock, made by Sarge Surfat (CTF, TDM and Objective mode (coded by Sarge31FR))
- 4508-yamashita_treasure, made by Yamamoto (Coop made by Lotte)
- new Bf 110 model and skins (model and skins by Postman)
- new Ilyushin IL-2M model and skins (made by petemonster for BGF, converted to BG42 by Sarge31FR)
- NKL 26 (model by Plutonius, skin by Tomcraft)
- new P-51 Mustang (model and skin made by Clive Williams)
- new Sturmtiger (model by Wyvern, skin by Postman)
- Tiger I (late version), model by Postman, skin by Wasper
- Semovente M40 da 75/18 (model and skin made by Nimrod6)
- Carro Armato M11/39 (model and skins made by Nimrod6)
- Carro Armato M13/40 (model and skins made by Nimrod6)
- Panhard 178 (model and skins by Kraetzer)
- Panhard P 16 (model and skins by Kraetzer)
- new Typ VIIC submarine (model and skin by Badscull)
- USS Salt Lake City (model made by Cabrio)
- Kagero destroyer (model made by Cabrio)
- LSM (Landing Ship Medium) (model made by Cabrio)
- new dual .50 cal machine gun for Elco PT boat (made by RuppDee)
- new .50 cal waist gun for B-17 (made by RuppDee)
- updated Flak 38 model (changes and new skins made by Wasper)
- new 40M Nimrod (from HF mod)
- new Henschel Hs-129 model and skins (based on BG42's Henschel, modifications made by FHSW mod)
- new gunsight for M16 MGMC (made by RuppDee)
- re-worked gunbase and turret for M16 MGMC (made by RuppDee)
- re-worked cockpit view for Hurricane (made by RuppDee)
- 38M Toldi I and IIa (models and skins by HF mod, winter skins by Sarge Surfat)
- Type 96 howitzer (model and skin by FHSW mod)
- German "Minensuchboot Typ 40" (mine sweeper) (model made by Cabrio)
- ZIS-42 (based on ZIS-5, changes made by Kraetzer and Nimrod)
- Char B1 bis (model and skins by Kraetzer)
- new MG42 model (skin by Dauntless)
- Obice da 149/12 modello 14 (model and skin from Bf 1918 mod)
- 75mm Cannone da 75/27 mod.06 (model and skin from Bf 1918 mod)
- new 43M Zrinyi model and skin (made by mastert)
- new SdKfz 234/2 model and skin (made by Kraetzer)
- Laffly S15 TOE (model and skins by Kraetzer)
- GAZ 11-73 (model and skins by Nimrod)
- new trackset for SdKfz 251 variants (made by Wasper)
- new trackset for SdKfz 181 variants (made by Wasper)
- new 50cal gun mount (made by SimLac)
- new Sturmgeschütz III B meshes and skins (model and skin by Robur, additional skins by Sarge Surfat)
- Panzer IV "E", based on Panzer IV "D", changes made by RuppDee
- new Panzer 38(t), model by Kraetzer and Wasper, skins made by Wasper
- Munitionstraeger 38(t), model by Kraetzer and Wasper, skins made by Wasper
- T-20 armored tractor Komsomolets (model and skins by Kraetzer)
- LCM Mk. III (model by SimLac, texture by Solorien)
- Panzerfaust 30
- new FG42 model and skin (from TLO mod)
- new G43 model and skin (from TLO mod)
- German and Russian equipment added to soldier kits (content from BGF)
- Steyr-Mannlicher M.95 (model by SethSoldier, skin by Dauntless)
- re-worked M1 Garand and SMLE (made by RuppDee)
- winter version of Mosin Nagant sniper rifle (changes made by Kraetzer)
- FÉG 37M Pistol (skin made by Dauntless)
- 42M grenade (skin made by Dauntless)
- new spade for German and Hungarian forces (skin made by Dauntless)
- Beretta M1938/42 (made by RuppDee)
- new Danuvia 43M (from HF mod)
- replaced DICE barrels with new models/skins (model and skins by Wasper)
- new/fixed animations for some handweapons, made by Senshi
-> Danuvia 39M
-> Danuvia 43M
-> FG42
-> M3 Grease gun
-> MG34
-> MG42
- many new sounds
- some new German and Russian gunsights (made by Postman)
- new gunsight for ships

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Battlegroup42 1.7: Client (Part 2)
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