BattleAxe, a “true” Total War experience, challenges players with a large selection of over a dozen campaigns and 30 factions. Diplomacy has been axed - all factions are “at war”. It’s a “mean” Medieval II streamlined for swift gameplay. Merchants, priests, and ships are omitted by default but may be simply added depending on your gameplay preference. Land bridges connect continents and offer new strategic opportunities without the need of ships. Whether you have a weekend or a week you’ll find a fight in BattleAxe.

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This mod is great but it's a pity that there is no diplomat.
It is possible to have a patch to have diplomat or a file to add them?
I am sorry for my language I am French ^^

great mod

totaly awesome one of the best mods for mediaval 2 so fare

Nice mod keep up the work!

pls. even warhammer has diplomacy. This is unacceptable. also y hundred charcaters, dont be a bitch.

It is not a bad mod but you should read the coments.

i'm evil!
NO! just...

Your Mod its a ****!!!! Its **** off ALL THe sound of all MY Mods of MDTWII!! U mother ****** !! destroy all the sound of all my mods and my original game BASTARD!!!!

Not 10, because a lot of bugs, errors and crashes in campaigns. Also game can hang up. Please fix it!


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