Mod based on real historical event during WW2 between May 20 and June 1 1941 as known as operation Mercury. There are two nations in the game presents - British Commonwealth and Germany.

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saukopf says

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small but amazing mod!

-New setting.
-Interesting units.
-New maps are good.
-Great skins.
-British faction seems overpowered.
-No Greek faction.

Simple y addictivo, relic podiese haber lanzado este como un demo del original. Es Epico.

Simply and Addictive, relic could release it like a demo of the vanilla. Its Epic.


Great mod. The historical background and realism to that regard is good. It's great to see an early war aspect, and a special operation that is widely unknown to the ww2 community.

Great job mates!

One of the best mods out there!


keep up progressing :D


Detail oriented mod, excellent skins and units, it truly feels like youre commanding an airborne invasion. This mod is unique in the way that no other game actually capitalizes recreating the first large scale airborne invasion in history, hence bringing us a much desired game dinamic. Thank you so much for this.

An interesting mod capturing the unique theatre of crete.many neat details like the neccesity for Fallschirmjägers to retrieve their rifles from seperately dropped containers give this mod a unique
personality.Balance is somewhat off,the commonwealth can usually hold off the paratroopers as son as they are able to deploy AA guns and weapon upgrades.


Awesome work. Less is more sometimes, and this mod knows it. Zoom out, balanced docrtines (costs and numbers of uints in group, cost of upgrades etc.) and germans flying everywhere. Decent maps and uints options make this game joyable every match you play. Simple, stict and just perfect.

My favorite Coh Mod. The setting and the atmosphere is unique for a Coh Mod, with much passion for detail. But in my opinion I would enjoy it if the italian and greek troops, like other users mentioned, would be add to this mod. So all in all a very good Mod. :D

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small but amazing mod!

Jun 16 2011 by saukopf