Mod based on real historical event during WW2 between May 20 and June 1 1941 as known as operation Mercury. There are two nations in the game presents - British Commonwealth and Germany.

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saukopf says

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small but amazing mod!

-New setting.
-Interesting units.
-New maps are good.
-Great skins.
-British faction seems overpowered.
-No Greek faction.

Simple y addictivo, relic podiese haber lanzado este como un demo del original. Es Epico.

Simply and Addictive, relic could release it like a demo of the vanilla. Its Epic.

Awesome ideas, nice work overall. One of my favourites!

Great mod. The historical background and realism to that regard is good. It's great to see an early war aspect, and a special operation that is widely unknown to the ww2 community.

Great job mates!

keep up progressing :D

I like this mod because I see it was crafted with love and author still support it. Also it looks awesome!!!

nice multiplayer mod. What can i say else?
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The quality of the mod increases with every patch. Good job!
Waiting for more updates and (maybe) a new mod from the author.


Exe20 says

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This mod is good TOO UNBALANCED! Why? the british force can build and create heavy and medium tanks while the german forces only can create Panzer II almost maximum battle tank. Besides, the Germans may not have panzerfaust or Panzerschreck panzer so their main strike force (infantry) is greatly overshadowed and destroyed almost momentarily.
So far, it represents a total number of textures and totally new units. This latest addition to what has previously been said, it is summed up in one sentence: Looking for a challenge as commander? Here you have one!

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