Outstrip Baal and assemble Universum Control Center before he will do it! Difficulty of Mod is increased in comparison with vanilla Lord of Destruction :). Mod for Diablo 2 with accent on cube recipes. Also have many other features such as: > Two new character’s statistics: Luck and Endurance. > Strength of monsters is increased by various ways as well as strength of characters. > New monsters, new items, new areas. > New runewords system. > New magic properties for items. ... and many, many other things. :)

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A Year in Review - May

A Year in Review - May

Feature 6 comments

2009 has been a fantastic year for modding and indie gaming. With the highest amount of recorded featured releases ever on ModDB it can still go over...

Diablo 2 Mod Roundup

Diablo 2 Mod Roundup

Feature 40 comments

Rediscovering Diablo 2 again? Have a look at some of the best mods in existence for the game.

Mods of 2006 - Player's Choice

Mods of 2006 - Player's Choice

Feature 81 comments

80,000 votes. 4,000 mods. Over the course of 2 months, gamers from across the globe came together to decide which mods rank as the epitome of what our...

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
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