Ballistic Weapons replaces UT2004's wepaons with a batch of new, realistic, high quality weapons using an enhanced weapons sytem with reloading, aiming, firemodes, improved damage behaviour and much more to give the game a more tactical style. All the items have also been replaced and the mod uses totally original sounds and effects. The entire mod is implemented through a mutator so it is compatible with all gametypes and many different mods. It also comes with a melee mutator to play using only the melee weapons. Decent bot support has been included, allowing the bots to use all the new weapons. The mod has also been designed to be very mod friendly so as to serve as a base for other mods allowing most features and systems to be implemented using just the default properties of new weapons. A manual is included with the mod as well.

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This month brings videos and pictures of our deliciously deadly Nuclear launchers and silenced shotguns!

Posted by Sgt.Kelly on Jul 30th, 2012

This month we worked our butts off on two very special weapons! Unlike the traditional bullet spitters that we can pump out quickly, these specialized guns are usually taken to the extreme with multiple firemodes and hidden features!

Version 10 - Mk. 781 Shotgun
Our first contender is the Mk. 781 Combat Shotgun! This is the completely overhauled V10 version of the M781 that was present in both V6 and V8. It was modeled by Gameart and textured by Kruk, with Captain Xavious and I handling the additions like the silencer and new shell holder. This beast of a gun is a long range flechette-firing shotgun, the likes of which is rarely seen in games!

Version 10 - Mk. 781 Shotgun
We could have left it at that, but no. This gun needed more. It needed a toggleable silencer and it needed electro bullets. Pressing the special fire on the Mk. 781 will stick a massive one-foot-long silencer on the front which will lessen damage a bit but increase accuracy even more! We're talking "Hey, I just sniped you across the map with a shotgun" accuracy here.

Version 10 - Mk. 781 Shotgun Lightning
When peppering your opponents with horribly painful shotgun darts isn't enough, alt fire will allow the player to load the custom electro shells from the side of the gun. These shells shoot lightning, and not even the foot long silencer can suppress that. However, adding the suppressor will cause the lightning round to focus its energy into a single projectile that's perfect for exploding your foes.

You've only got 6 of these puppies before you need to restock, so make sure you use them wisely!

Version 10 - FGM-70 'Shockwave' LAW

Subtlety is not the FGM-70 'Shockwave' LAW's strong point. Its nuclear rockets are. We firmly believe games do not have enough handheld nuclear weapons these days. This gun, which was modeled and animated by Blade Sword and textured by me, is in fact the smaller nuclear rocket launcher of the two in V10. The larger one destroys entire maps, irradiates everyone, and is in general pretty awesome, but that's for another time. This one is about a meter and a half long, and probably weighs about as much as a bus. It fires a single missile that will do massive damage to anything unlucky enough to get in its way.

Version 10 - FGM-70 'Shockwave' LAW

And as per its name, each "Light" Anti-Tank Weapon [LAW] explosion will generate a massive shockwave that'll disintegrate people even behind walls. There's no running from the LAW. Of course, if the LAW misses, you'll have about 8 seconds to run while it reloads a new rocket tube. It also comes with a conveniently always-on yellow laser to help aim/give away your position.

Version 10 - FGM-70 'Shockwave' LAW

Of course, if you actually do desire subtlety with your nuke, this fatman's alt-fire will launch an unignited rocket which will embed in the first surface it hits. The rockets then become shockwave mines which periodically pulse the deadly wall-ignoring waves. Perfect for campers and rodent infestations! Also perfect for accidentally committing suicide.

This months video gives a sneak-peek into our beta testing process! Here is where we test the online code and pretty much blow each other to pieces.

By the way, for those of you viewing this on the main Ballistic Weapons page, be sure to head here for the rest of the media included in this update. :)

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shadow_razor Aug 3 2012 says:

I seriously can't wait for the release! that Mar-2 looks amazing. Keep up the amazing work! UT2004 wouldn't be the same for many if it wasn't for all your hard work!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Catatafish Aug 4 2012 replied:

Yeah, after all the extra content and tweaks available for the BW mod (and after adding in extra characters and vp's) we're basically enjoying a brand new game without any additional cost... Mods are why my xbox is very lonely, and my wallet is very happy ^_^

+1 vote     reply to comment
josedejesusromo7 Aug 5 2012 replied:

When Will It Leave? I Can't Wait Anymore! That Shotgun,Mars-2 And Nuke Looks Pretty Good! Awesome.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Hellborn13 Aug 5 2012 says:

Isnt there any beta version to dowload?(prebeta maybe)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Thales_The_Unstable Aug 6 2012 says:

*tears of ecstasy* Gimmegimmegimmegimme

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheRizzler Aug 6 2012 says:

SWEET. I commented on the last update about being unable to save weapon preset lists in the ballistic swapper, even if I name the preset and hit save, I can't immediately load it without wiping the list back to default. The list works when playing matches but quitting from the match resets the preset list to default again. Is this a bug or a long running problem? I'm using the steam version of UT2004

+1 vote     reply to comment
Captain_Xavious Sep 1 2012 replied:

I'm afraid this is a problem with BW itself and we have so far been unable to find a solution to it. Sorry about that. :(

+1 vote     reply to comment
Hellborn13 Aug 10 2012 says:

Kelly, could you possibly announce any release date? Please? :P

+1 vote     reply to comment
Captain_Xavious Sep 1 2012 replied:

Sorry, can't do release dates. Seeing as we do this pretty much whenever we have time to, we can't really guarantee when we'll have any specific item done.

Plus there always seems to be last minute problems that have thrown off our previous versions' release dates by months or more.

Though what I can tell you, is we really don't want to spend another year on this version. ;)

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