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RSS feed Report content CoD2 new animations for BAR (in progress)

I like the work on the new animations, so far.

However, one thing I'd like to suggest is moving the bolt pulling part of the animation until after the fresh magazine has been slotted in. Also, I think you could probably speed up the animation of slapping the magazine in, since it looks kinda like it's in slow motion.

Aside from those details, your work looks great. :)

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MCh2207Cz Author

Yeah that is my feeling as well. I will try to work more on the magazine change and overall gun motion like you said. Hopefully I will sort it out.
But unfortunetely I can't put the bolt pull to the end because I must stick with the structure of the original BAR animation. I must keep the same amount of frames and same order of actions to make it compatible.
Thankfully I am not that limited with new weapons like the MG-42 :-)

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Here you can preview the work in progress of new animations for BAR M1918A2. Quite a lot of work needs to be done. The overall motion still misses something, it feels strange. I am thinking of returning the right hand to hold the gun during reload - or I might change the gun's position. I can't say for sure now. Second thing, I want to make the bipod and barrel handle animated as well which will take some time.
This work is very important because it will be used as a base for MG-42, MG-34 and DP-28 animations.

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