Hi all! We, the Back2Fronts mod team, are proudly announcing the Back2Fronts Mod for Call Of Duty 2. The mod wants to bring much more intense, realistic and full battle experience. We want to achieve this by giving the player more options and more diversity. Mod will be separated into SP and MP part and those parts will also be released separately.

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This news post is full of animation news. I finally found a way how to import CoDWaW's animations directly into 3D application. A new team member has joined us - the animator Jessejoydb. Then there is a very important poll for you - mod watchers and fans. Finally, you can read some info about the 2 new Italian weapons and my comments to the already shown modified Red Square Massacre SP map.

Posted by MCh2207Cz on Dec 3rd, 2011

Hi all! Today's news are going to be again quite long. They are full of animation news because we made some significant steps forward in this field. I finally found a way how to import CoDWaW's animations directly into 3D application environment. A new team member has joined us - Jessejoydb. Then there is a very important poll for you - mod watchers and fans. Finally, you can read some info about the 2 new Italian weapons and my comments for the modified Red Square Massacre SP map.

Jessejoydb is a talented animator. That's right! Back2Fronts team has 2 animators now :-) I am happy that I now have someone to share the huge amount of animation work. I already included his name and work into Back2Fronts mod summary as well as into "MOD CREDITS". He is the author of the pretty only one CoD2 animating tutorial which is published at filefront sites. If you are interested, download it here (note: filefront has sometimes issues, if the page does not show, refresh it untill it does).

He also did an important development research for the creation of custom grenade animations. It is important because grenade animations are slightly different from other weapons. He gathered very valueable information. Here you can check out his custom TNT grenade :-)

Animation development
In recent days I was trying to find a way how to import CoDWaW XANIM_EXPORT files into 3D application. Since CoDWaW, the modelling tools does not contain openable animation source files for 1st person weapon animations but just their compiled versions (= XANIM_EXPORT files). It means that modders cannot edit them.
Some of you probably remember the SW 357 and 30cal (M1919A6) animations that I imported from CoDWaW into CoD2 quite a long time ago. But at that time, I could only take their files and import them. I wasn't able to actually edit them because 3D applications cannot read the XANIM_EXPORT file format.
But I finally found a way how to do it. It is rather complicated and time consuming but it works and will serve as a great pattern for custom animations for Back2Fronts. Please note that the videos show more or less original CoDWaW animations, the ingame Back2Fronts versions will be slightly different.

You can watch here, or use video section.

CoD2 B2F animation import - SW 357
You know this animation :-) But this time I have it in 3D modelling environment so I can finally edit it...

CoD2 B2F animation import - Garand M1
My second try with CoDWaW animation imports, the Garand M1. The video captures all CoDWaW animations for it except from melee and bayonet melee...

We are experiencing time pressure in mod team, especially because of school duties of teammembers so the progress of work is not as fast as it should be. Long story short, the Beta release date [end of 2011] is coming but I have serious worries that we will not match the deadline. So I would like to ask you:

Please write your opinion into comments...
...and decide!

To help you decide, here is the overall Beta situation:

  • original weapons (models): 75% done, missing: Lee-Enfield scoped/unscoped
  • original weapons (animations): 60% done, missing: BAR, Bren, Garand M1, PPSh, Sten, GreaseGun
  • original weapons (sounds): 75% done, missing: foley sounds (pickups, etc.), minor corrections/additions
  • original weapons (scripts): 50% done, missing: timers, loctypes, chamber re-reload code, SP/MP add, weaponlist.gsc, check for errors (accu, rumble, soundalias, xanim/xmodel)
  • new weapons (models): 50% done, missing: Breda M30, Beretta M34, DP-28, MG-34, Unscoped Springfield late and early, Mannlicher-Carcano, Weaver scope, 30cal (M1919A6), Bazooka M1, plus corrections (PU scope, ZF-4 scope, ZielVier scope, Vampyr scope, FG-42 late and early, HDM, MP-38, MP-41, PanzerSchreck early, MG-42, Thompson late and early, Sten late, 35round magazine for PPSh-41)
  • new weapons (animations): 25% done, missing: FG-42 rework, MG-42 + MG-34 (same), DP-28, Beretta M34, Breda M30, 30cal (M1919A6), PTRS-41, Carbine M2
  • new weapons (sounds): 60% done, missing: foley sounds (pickups, etc.), minor corrections/additions
  • new weapons (scripts): 0% done, firstly original weapon scripts must be fully done
  • new nonweapon sounds: 75% done
  • new nonweapon soundscripts: 50% done
  • new nonmodel textures: 80% done
  • nonweapon scripts: 75% done
  • new effects: 10% done, missing: memory need reduction, smoke amount reduction, blood remake, unique weapon flashes, unique weapon shell ejects
  • new 2D graphics: 100% done
  • new vehicles: 10% done
  • present mod's size: 200MB, still growing

Italian weapons
MAB-38A (Moschetto Automatico Beretta Modello 1938A)
The new Italian sub-machine gun is an improved version over the older ones because it has more detailed model, which is probably final. The textures are also big improvement (DX9 now) over the older one but still there is a question of possible improvement (resolution). I put my largest effort into the reload animation because this sub-machine gun had quite a special way of reload in real life. Animation is final. The weapon goes with its own HUD icon and sounds.

You can watch here, or use image section.

CoD2 B2F Italian weapons MAB-38A (preview)
Ingame video of the new MAB-38A model and animation in SP Rhine (last CoD2 SP map). In Back2Fronts Beta, it will be naturaly available only in North Africa with Italian troops...

Beretta M34 (Beretta Modello 1934)
The Beretta M34 is just a quick built model. It temporary uses original CoD2 animation but custom one is being made by our new team member Jessejoydb. It needs custom animation because it had quite unique bolt hold open function. New sounds and DX9 textures included. The texture is really low-resolution so far.

CoD2 B2F Italian weapons Beretta M34 (preview)
Ingame demonstration of the prototype model for Beretta M34. SP map in the video is B2F version of Red Square Massacre by taintxs.

Red Square Massacre SP map (by taintxs)
I already showed you this one some time ago. This is just additional info or some kind of commentary. I was cooperating with the author of the map - taintxs, and he gave me permission to use his map in Back2Fronts mod and so I decided to modify it for the mod's needs. Following modifications have been done:

  • map integration into Back2Fronts.

  • AI accuracy and health decrease to standard cod2 level (but still hard enough to be a challenge).
  • partial SFX removal due to performance/framerate and gameplay/free-view (mainly wide opened spaces - for example the Red Square location).
  • added pistols into secondary weapon slot for all AI (so you can pickup more TT-33 or Colt M1911A1).
  • correction of the German names (they are in common CoD2 standard - rank + surname).

  • partial correction of the turret error (you can turn the turrets now, the fact that player is situated in reversed position is map's error - so far uncorrectable), replacement for the MG-42 machine guns - the DP-28 and Maxim PM-1910 (both models are work in progress, without DX9, new sound included, icons and SFX not made yet), DP-28 is planned to be also in hand-held version.

  • 4 new plane models (reworked FW-200 Condor, reworked Ju-87 Stuka, Bf-109 and He-111).

  • true German and British smoke grenades included (the British one is temporarily used for Russians because Russian smoke model is not made yet, the German one is available from the start of the mission).

  • replacement models for useable artillery - the new 8,8cm FlaK-18 model, other new artillery models are planned.

CoD2 Red Square Massacre in B2F (preview)
Video capture of all changes described above.

That is quite all, MCh2207Cz

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Jyrx Dec 4 2011 says:

First of all, very nice work! My opinion is that you should release it "STRICTLY AT THE END OF 2011". Because it would be easier to fix bugs when the mod is smaller than fixing it later when it is fully released. + It would shorten the wait :):):) I like those Italian weapons. In my opinion they give a different feel to the game. Also I'm glad you got Red Square Massacre into B2F, since i was in tester team of the map and i know how awesome it is. If I forgot something then I will post later about it. Good job.

+2 votes     reply to comment
elMengu Dec 4 2011 says:

I'd say take your time to release the beta, there's no rush. That way there's more content for people to give feedback about when you release it.

+3 votes     reply to comment
MCh2207Cz Author
MCh2207Cz Dec 4 2011 says:

I am asking because I don't want to disappoint the people who are waiting for the mod. So I am asking for their opinions.

There is also a second thing - the Beta will be pretty big download, present size is 200MB and it will grow quite a lot more. It means that it will take some time for me to upload it and it will of course take your time to download it.

+1 vote   reply to comment
crowhitewolf Dec 4 2011 says:

This should be postponed, this mod has got a lot of qualities and no flaws at all, it's best not to have pressure on you.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Vassili_Tzaisev Dec 6 2011 says:

I think you should delay it a bit more if you need to, because all the changes sound great and I would like to have all the new weapons togather at once :p So, I don't mind waiting a bit more, it's surely worth the waiting.
Nice job!! :D

+2 votes     reply to comment
MCh2207Cz Author
MCh2207Cz Dec 8 2011 says:

So, the score so far: release at end of 2011 (1) x postpone release (3).

0 votes   reply to comment
DooMarine Dec 8 2011 says:

I think it should get released either as a Christmas present or on New Year Day.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Katterman Dec 12 2011 says:

I think you should release it at the end of February 2012.

+1 vote     reply to comment
NOMAD/031098-010241 Dec 13 2011 says:

Postponement is my opinion. The reason is sent via PM.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Torre Dec 13 2011 says:

Score: Release "End of 2011" (2) x Postpone (5)

+2 votes     reply to comment
explo32 Jan 9 2012 says:

I can wait even to the 2012 Christmas, but I want to see this mod finished in all aspects and packed with as much stuff as it's possible!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Simcardo Jan 16 2012 says:

Just release it at mid 2012
anyway, for Italian Stuff, will you include the Caracano rifle?

+1 vote     reply to comment
MCh2207Cz Author
MCh2207Cz Jan 16 2012 replied:

If Torre finishes the model, then yes.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Simcardo Jan 22 2012 replied:

Great to know there mate!
and if possible, the Breda MG.

+1 vote     reply to comment
pcapaolo Jul 25 2012 says:

will there be any new italian missions, or will they just replace germans in africa missions?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Aug 26 2013 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

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