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CoD2 35round PPSh
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Great job!

I have read that most Soviet assault troopers carried only one (or sometimes two) drum magazines for their PPSh, and then 5-6 stick magazines. Is it true?

Anyway, as I said, great job!

P.S: Will this weapon be available in the MP version as well? If so, wouldn't it be possible to make the other one (drum magazine) a limited weapon? Because I play as the Germans, you know, and the Soviets always win :-p

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yeah, the drum mags gave lots of firepower but were unreliable and bitch to load the rounds into... so they carried one drum in a weapon and rest 35-round mags

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MCh2207Cz Author

drums were complicated to manufacture and expensive. Soviet soldiers carried only cca 2 of them because:
* the drum was heavy as sh*t when loaded :D
* it would be waste of Soviet resources to give more drums to a soldier who will probably die in a few moments anyway

stick mags could be produced in much larger numbers and they were much lighter so soldiers could carry more of them.

Btw, I was keeping the drum/stick idea and so with drum you can carry only 2mags plus the ammo you got in the weapon itself (max 71+142). With stick mag you can carry 6mags plus the ammo in weapon (max 35+210).

To your second question - I am concentrating on SP right now to be able to release the mod ASAP.

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Here is the latewar PPSh. It has select fire and player runs faster with it. Sights are centered same way as the regular PPSh.

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