Back to the Future: Hill Valley is a full conversion mod for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Back to the Future: Hill Valley will be based on the Back to the Future Trilogy, allowing the player to re-enact all the great moments from the films. While some parts of the story are stretched to make it more enjoyable, we are determined not to stray too far from the original story-line. The people behind this mod want the community to relive the movies and have as much fun in the process as possible. With the outstanding game play of the Sandbox hit, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, in combination with one of the best movies of all time, Back to the Future, this mod is sure to bring countless hours of fun to anybody who enjoyed the movies.

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Feb 27 2007, 9:56pm Anchor

Here is some progress to the story-line, tell me what you think needs to be added or taken out. Give me some ideas here, but in the mean time what I am thinking on doing is starting the actually interactive game play after the delorean is reveiled.

I just thought I would send you what I have completed so far, and get
your thoughts on what I need to add or take out.

Begin, scene 1

Fade into docs lab, we can see many clocks on the walls. Ticking fills
the silence. Show picture of a man hanging from a clock tower. TV turn
on, news is on talking about stolen plutonium. Enter character 1,
Martin McFly. Martin (Marty) "Hey Doc? Doc?! Hello, anybody home?
Einstein come here boy *whistles* What's goin on w-oh god, ah Jesus..
that's disgusting" places skateboard on floor, kicks behind him and it
rolls to desk and stops, hitting a case of plutonium. Scene 2 begin,
Marty places what appears to be a key into an amplifier. He starts to
flip on many switches, turning numerous dials. He plugs in his guitar
into this, giant amplifier. Marty turns around to face the electric
monster. Marty then proceeds to play his guitar. After striking one
note, the amplifier explodes tossing Marty and his guitar clear across
the room, slamming him into a bookself filled with papers, books,
boxes, all tumbling down on him after hitting the self. Marty gets up,
pushing the papers off of himself, looks at the destoried amplifier
and says "Whoa, rock and roll"

A bell starts to alarm, ringing until Marty picks up a telephone that
is rigged to this bell. Marty answers "Yo!" we hear Doc's voice on the
other end "Marty is that you?" "Hey, hey Doc where are you?" "Thank
god I found you, listen could you meet me at Twin Pines mall at 1:15?
I've made a major break through and I'll need you assistance" "Wait,
wait a minute 1:15 in the morning?" "Yeah" "Doc what's goin' on? Where
ya been all week?" "..Workin" "Where's Einstein is he with you?" "Yeah
he's right here" "You know Doc, you left your equipment on all week"
"My equipment? That reminds me Marty don't hook up to the amplifier,
there might be a slight possibility of overload" "Yeah, I'll keep that
in mind" "Don't forget Marty, 1:15 AM Twin Pines mall" "Yeah--" every
clock in to room begins to chime "Are those my clocks I hear? "Yeah!
It's a, 8 o'clock" "Perfect, my experiment worked! They're only
exactly 25 minutes slow!" "Wait a minute, wait a minute Doc, are you
telling me that it's 8:25?" "Pricisely!" "Damn, I'm late for school!"

Mission 1, objective: Get to school within 3 minutes while avoiding
police from busting you for you are out of school during school hours.

If caught by police, Marty is beaten senseless and you must start the
mission over.

If mission is completed, Begin next scene. We see Marty roll up to the
steps of the school, and begin to walk up them when Jennifer, Marty's
girlfriend, runs out of the school saying "Marty, don't go this way
Strickland is looking for. If he catches you that's 4 tardies in a
row." Now inside the school, in a hallway where we can see some
lockers, and a set of doors leading outside. Jennifer's head appears
from around a corner of the hallway, and then says "Ok, come on, I
think we're safe" Marty says "You know this time it wasn't my fault.
Doc said all of his clocks were set 25 minutes slow---" Strickland
comes out from a hallway, grabbing Marty by the back of his levi
jacket and says "Doc?! Am I to understand that you're still hanging
around with Doctor Emmet Brown, McFly?. Tardy slip for you Miss
Parker, and one for you McFly I believe that makes 4 in a row. Now let
me give you a nickels worth of free advice young man, this so called
Doctor Brown is dangerous, he's a real nutcase. You hang around with
him and you're gonna end up in big trouble." Marty: "Oh yes sir"
Strickland pushes marty, "You've got a real attitude problem McFly,
you're a slacker. You remind me of your father when he went here he
was a slacker too." "....Can I go now, Mr. Strickland?" "I notice your
band is on the roster for the dance auditions after school today. Why
even bother McFly, you don't have a chance you're too much like your
old man. No McFly has ever amounted to anything in the history of
HillValley!" "....Yeah well history is gonna change."

Next scene, A man with a loud speaker sits in front of the stage, with
three other people, one on his right and two on his left, these are
the judges, he puts the speaker to his mouth and says "Next please".
Marty walks up to the stage in the school autotorium, meeting up with
his band preparing to audition to play for the school dance. Marty
walks up to a microphone placed front center of the stage and
announces their band name "Alright, we're a.. we're the PinHeads" The
PinHeads begin playing The Power Of Love by Huey Lewis and the news,
ironically the man with the loud speaker is Huey Lewis, the camera
cuts to the judges and they don't look impressed, at all. The man with
the loud speaker stands up, grabs his loud speaker and and says "Ok
thank you, thank you fellas.. thanks hold it.. hold it fellas I'm
afraid you're just too darn loud. Next group please, can we have the
next group please".

Jennifer and Marty have now left school for the day, we see them
walking to a parking lot in front of the clock tower, Marty begins to
speak "I can't believe it, I'm never gonna get chance to play in front
of anybody." "Marty one rejection isn't the end of the world." "Nah I
just don't think I'm cut out for music. "But you're good Marty, you're
really good. This audition tape is great, you've gotta send it in to
the record company. It's like Doc's saying--" "Yeah I know I know, if
you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything" some girls walk
by, Marty checks them out, Jennifer turns his head back to her face
"That's good advice Marty" "Alright, ok Jennifer what if i send the
tape in and they don't like it, what if they say I'm no good, what if
they say get out of here kid you've got no future. I don't think I
could take that kind of a rejection. Jesus I'm starting to sound like
my old man" "Oh come on he's not that bad" two women sit at a table
with flyers taped to it, chanting Save The Clock Tower. Jennifer
continues "At least your mom is letting you borrow the car tomorrow
night" Marty jumps on a bench that Jennifer placed her foot on and he
says "Check out that 4x4. That is hot. Someday Jennifer, someday" he
pulls her onto the bench with him, holding her hands and you can now
see the clock tower perfectly. He continues "Wouldn't it be great?
Take that truck up to the lake, throw a couple of.. sleeping bags in
the back.. lay out under the stars" Jennifer smiles "Stop it..."
"What?" he says jokingly. Jennifer says "Does your mother know, about
tomorrow night?"

A lot of this may not be able to be done, but that's the jist of it.

Feb 28 2007, 1:30am Anchor

Don't worry, the idea is great, we are discussing Einstein on ped animation.

Feb 28 2007, 1:33am Anchor

i still say good luck finding someone to do it

Mar 2 2007, 12:58pm Anchor

Well, I think I have decided that the actual interactive game will begin after the DeLorean is revealed at Twin Pines Mall. Reason for that is because, absolutely nothing happens between the beginning and the first part of the Twin Pines Mall scene. If anybody has suggestions or ideas they want to share, just lemme know. You can hit me up on AIM: TheMacNerd

Mar 2 2007, 2:07pm Anchor

And what about "get to the school", "get home"? Skateboard missions are important too!

Mar 2 2007, 2:13pm Anchor

And battle of the bands could be used somehow too, for example press the right buttons (i start a discussion on coding).

Mar 2 2007, 3:53pm Anchor

That's not a bad idea protonkid, kinda like a guitar hero type of thing... but with a keyboard. The skateboard mission, to get to school is included in my first post above and I'll keep that in there.

Mar 3 2007, 2:00pm Anchor

lol you could like add in a funny mission where you get to skool and have to escape from Strickland and if he caches you you get a detention or somthing

Mar 4 2007, 4:27am Anchor

Hey, Mac, do you know what should it look like already? I mean, if animation in vice city is nearly primal for us, how shall the characters move? Hope that's not a problem.

Mar 4 2007, 8:28am Anchor

we're not talking about animating a dog here.....

Mar 4 2007, 12:47pm Anchor

I agree, there's definately mission potential before the DeLorean is revealed, getting to school for one, I like the battle of the bands idea, maybe even a "sneak out of the house without waking anyone" mission before skating to the mall...maybe have Marty stop by Doc's garage to pick up the camera too.

Mar 4 2007, 4:17pm Anchor

To follow that up after you get the camera there could be a checkpoint type mission in which you have to get to Twin Pines mall before time runs out.

Mar 4 2007, 5:12pm Anchor

I like that, good idea.

Mar 4 2007, 6:23pm Anchor

I'll put that in guys, thanks =D Might be a a while though, I've been sick for a week and still am

Mar 21 2007, 7:09am Anchor

Hope the story to be great! And Delorean, relax and forget the dog.

Apr 27 2007, 10:56am Anchor
Quote:hey, had an idea, we could start the game where you play doc for like 30 min, have a few prelude missions, like building the time machine and steal plutonium

Apr 27 2007, 1:40pm Anchor

Thats a pretty cool idea.

May 2 2007, 9:10am Anchor

Pretty weird... But I'd like to see that.

May 2 2007, 11:30am Anchor

That would definately add more to the game, I like those ideas, especially the play as Doc and steal the plutoneum. Maybe there could also be an option to play the final clocktower scene from Doc's side too.

May 2 2007, 1:36pm Anchor

Good idea TheMacNerd.Good luck.

May 2 2007, 2:02pm Anchor

That wasn't his idea.

May 3 2007, 2:25am Anchor

Ummm, I think it's possible, but won't the player have to change the skin every time? :confused:

May 3 2007, 2:31am Anchor

Marty does too. To go from school to life presever to radiation suit w/helmet to radiation suit without helmet, i can go on and on. And you're not thinking 4th dimensionally. We are changing player models here, not skin.

Edited by: Delorean88us

May 3 2007, 3:55am Anchor

Gotta scrtatch my head, and I have an Idea of a new vid, but I need Marty's skin :crazy: have been googling ofr weeks now, I can't find it!

Edited by (in order): protonkid, protonkid

May 3 2007, 4:02am Anchor

OH WAIT! Just found them, a little bit glitchy, but I don't care :)

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