This mod aims to bring strategic combat to the Babylon 5 universe. We'll start off with the Earth Alliance vs. the Minbari and go from there once we have those two complete factions.

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Most of the cons are minor things that are not totally gamebreaking, overall 8/10 scoring bonus points for modeling detail and overall gameplay, points lost for lack of EA repair capacity, limited tech tree and a slow moving AI.

- Its Babylon 5, what more can i say?!
- Ships, weapons and effects are highly detailed and true to the bab5 franchise, including the hyperspace effects.
- Ai not as "skittish" as other mods, intelligent enough to defend itself adequately.
- "capture mode" gameplay stymies "stiff leg" syndrome, encouraging players to fight over objectives to gain resources and ships, as well as the ability to hyperspace in reinforcements.
- Music from a cancelled Babylon 5 "Wing Commander" styled game, circa 1999.(See: Babylon 5: Into the Fire)
- Ships firepower and armor accurately represent those of Babylon 5.

- Currently has a limited tech/upgrade tree.
- Only 2 factions so far, also currently only has one game mode.
- No provision for Earth Alliance ships to repair, not even limited self-repairs, while Minbari ships all self repair over time - waiting on a unit that currently does not exist.
- Strike-craft combat can be a little weird with squadrons breaking and flying out obscene distances away from eachother.
- Starbases are very hard to hit unless you have a precise angle of attack, pulse cannons and beam weapons are the worst culprit here as the hardpoints seem to fix dead forward even on ships with turreted beams (Omega).
- Missile weapon velocity slower than strikes, also some missile attacks seem to just circle around their target rather than hit.
- AI somewhat dense when attacking, using single squads of fighters instead of caps and frigates to attack bases, even on highest difficulty settings.


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