Base Defense is a single/cooperative modification based on horde-style and RPG systems. It's awesome, you should try it ;)

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Great mod, really made the traditional Half-life mechanics feel modern in-tune with the Horde-style systems we see in most shooters and stays fun throughout. Alot of balance problems though, most noticeably the AI-pathfinding which is so horrendous at finding players hiding in spots that its game-breaking at times. However with 4 players running around the map proper, its a blast.

It's just awesome , i love it!
The HUD , the RPG elements , it makes the game unique!
oh , and NEVER use the Book. NEVER.


though the mod has some bugs, most notably the ai-pathfinding, it is one of the best co-op half life mods in my opinion. Also the game needs more maps, more quests and new weapons. graphics are ok, though it could have some better models/textures, but in the end gameplay matters(at least for me) and the gameplay of this mod is superb i think and really really fun!

This Mod Is Awesome! When i Played it the GamePlay was EPIC! i loved it!

10/10 :D

Haven't played it yet but it looks awesome. I managed to fix my problems with stupid Avast firewall and im happy. That is why i put 10/10 here because i wanted to make developer happy? lol

I **** My Pants Its Cool Mod!


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Very good mod, well made but people need to play it.

Absolutely stunning, but need more maps and some tweaks in npcs movement path.


3 of my friends got this mod without reading on what it was, just the title, then the download. We all played for like 3 hours, this is a really fun multiplayer mod. We kept making comparisons to the zombies gamemode in World at War, but this has a lot more stuff added to it, such as health kits, mana kits, Rick Astley, etc. Great mod, had a lot of fun.

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