So we want to bring Team Fortress to AvP2. It shouldn't be too difficult, all of the weapons we need are already in AvP2, and configuring armor and run speeds and whatnot isn't too hard. What we need, however, is input on how this should go down, and modders to make the more difficult things happen, like possibly adding new weapons and more importantly, new GAME MODES, like Capture the Flag or Assault, things that teams do that aren't Team Deathmatch. However, this is AvP2 Fortress, so everything should have an AvP2 twist to it. Like Preds and Aliens on the teams realistically, but not whorishly. No Predator rocket-launcher guys, for example, but a Predator as the Spy, a class that's supposed to cloak and primarily use a knife anyway. -- SMID

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Almost repeating the history with beta 5, but this time, the sentry bug might become a new game mode!

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That was my first reaction when I discovered the sentries being bugged. And on top of that, I had to pull out from this beta some maps because of me not being careful enough. And when I say sentries being bugged, I mean this:

AvP2 Team Fortress Mod for Aliens vs. Predator 2 Bugged sentries video - Mod DB

AvP2 Team Fortress Mod for Aliens vs. Predator 2 bugged sentries, part 2 video - Mod DB

You see, by picking up a live sentry, you don't get instead of one item in the ammo pool. No, you actually get 2! Or maybe even more! So, back to the title: what could have gone worse!

But I also think I have a short memory. Remember beta 5? You know, the beta for version 1.0, the one that crashed people almost minute after minute? Well, it seems that I forgot about the most important thing from that build:

I will conclude by giving a big "Thank you" to our team of beta testers, since the feedback I got from beta 5 was very valuable.

The idea is that even the 'bad' test sessions can have some very nice end results. What about this session, you say? Well, much to my surprise, spamming sentries can lead to an interesting game play, one that I have enjoyed. I liked sneaking up on an enemy sentry, trying to outmaneover it (as an engineer) only to pick it up and re-deploy it against its original owners. All in all, this felt more like a war of attrition, in which we tried to take as much territory as possible that would give us an edge on the enemy. No more fast strikes and nifty maneouvering, no. It was more like trying to get closer to the enemy, while also evading constant and heavy enemy fire. And I liked it :). And I believe it wasn't just me. So that leads to this (not bad, but yes, great!) great beta test end result:

A new game mode!

Something like UT's domination. You have to come in the center of the map and conquer an objective, then try to maintain it as long as possible. And yes, more, a lot more sentries.

Meanwhile, if you want to see everything I recorded (is not that much, really) you can do it here:

AvP2 Team Fortress Mod for Aliens vs. Predator 2 Test session, 2009-02-28 video - Mod DB

And there's just one way I'm going to end this news post:

I will conclude by giving a big "Thank you" to our team of beta testers, since the feedback I got from beta 5 this beta was very valuable.
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