Arsenal Overhaul - Clear Sky is a full weapons conversion for S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky using SRP 1.0.4 as a base. It features 80 weapons with 28 new ammunition types including replacement of all stock weapon models with high quality versions. All new weapons sounds, 4 new suits, more variation in stalkers, new uniform patterns for Duty, Freedom and the Mercenaries and an improved economy. I take no credit for any of the models, animations or textures used in the mod.

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Arsenal Overhaul - Clear Sky 2.0 is in development. It will feature 110 weapons with all new weapon models. All new weapon sounds, 32 new types of ammunition and multiple scopes for rifles, shotguns, machine guns and sub-machine guns.

  • Sky Reclamation Project 1.0.9
  • All vanilla weapon models replaced with high quality versions
  • Multiple scopes for rifles, shotguns, machine guns and sub-machine guns
  • All new weapon sounds
  • 110 weapons
  • 7.62x51 battle rifles
  • 7.62x39 Kalashnikov assault rifles and carbines
  • PDW's, P90 & MP7
  • Collimator & holographic sights
  • 32 new ammunition types
  • Realistic ballistics
  • Caliber specific suppressors
  • Ammunition and attachments list added to each weapon description
  • Realistic damage to npc's, a shot to the head or neck is a kill, 1-2 hits to the chest kills
  • Supersonic bullet cracks
  • New footstep sounds
  • Freeplay
  • Sleeping bag
  • Repair kits
  • CoP Variation Mod
  • Eliminated strafe weapon sway
  • Right side ejecting shells for all weapons
  • 6 New suits
  • All new scope overlays
  • All npc's rearmed with new weapons and ammunition
  • Restored pistol iron sights
  • Reworked recoil to eliminate negative recoil
  • Grenades completely removed from Monolith and Bandit loadouts
  • Surplus and civilian rifles to start with in the swamps
  • Duty and Freedom propaganda replaced with music
  • Duty, Freedom and Mercenaries sell stashes with high tier weapons and ammo
  • Optional loadouts for Renegades.

See the features page for full list of weapons:

Arsenal Overhaul - Clear Sky 2.0 Features

Arsenal Overhaul - Clear Sky 2.0 Features

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Arsenal Overhaul - Clear Sky is a full weapons conversion for S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky using SRP 1.0.8 as a base. It features 110 weapons with 32 new ammunition...

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Arsenal Overhaul - Clear Sky 1.2

Arsenal Overhaul - Clear Sky 1.2

Full Version 46 comments

Version 1.2 with Sky Reclamation Project 1.0.4 and optional Atmosfear 1.3. Copy the gamedata folder to your main S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky folder. Extract...

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Is there any form of update on the status? Is the mod dead? Is there a release schedule?

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Is there a way to use the latest version of SRP with this mod? I just don't know exactly what Atmosfear and AO add gamedata wise, so I wouldn't know where to start when replacing SRP's bug fixes with the latest versions.

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Part 2

- I'd recommend to merge all optional features together with the main folder of AO and create an ingame menu with checkboxes for each feature. So if I e.g. want to reduce grenade spam I can just (un)check it in the menu to (de)activate the feature without having to copy and paste the folder into the gamedata of CS.
- The order of the items in the inventory is a little messy. Shotguns which share the same caliber are scattered all over the inventory, and ammo types are mixed together with pistols. I would suggest to organize weapons by caliber and then alphabetic.
- It still happens that artifacts simply refuse to be found. In one playthrough it happened twice that an artifact was clearly visible on the scanner, but wasn't showing up, because it somehow got stuck underground. Stalker.wikia calls this an "interesting challenge" – I guess thats one way to cope with glitches like these. I spent half an our triggering the anomalies around to explode, throwing grenades inside, firing with a shotgun – to no avail.
- The optional quest "Return item: experimental device" in Red forest wasn't available, no matter what i tried. I had done all other possible Red forest sidequests and no other side quests active at that time, yet neither duty nor stalkers offered this quest.

Those are just some proposals, not criticism. Your AO is still a solid 10/10. Keep the good work up my man! Can't wait till AO 2.0 gets released (is there a release date yet?) and btw I'd love to see AO for SoC since I struggle to play a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game without that sweet gunfeeling that AO gives.

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Sorry, I just noticed I mixed up some points that address SRP issues instead of AO issues. Just ignore all the mentioned non-weapon related stuff.

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First of all, maximum respect for your glorious Arsenal overhaul. Combined with SRP it's hands down the best mod package available for Clear sky and along with Misery one of the best STALKER mods ever. I remember the bugfest vanilla CS was in the beginning, with CTDs, game breakers and save corruptions as common as anomalies in the zone. Even with Complete 2012 I still had tons of crashes and annoyances. When I played through the game with AO, i had to do some tweaking with Absolute nature 2 to get it to work (Absolute nature and AO does seem to have some conflicts) and after that, some minor bugs at worst. We've come a long way from vanilla clear sky! With this mod the game turns from the black sheep of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series to its flagship. The firefights are so much fun it's ridiculous.
Here are some ideas and suggestions to make this mod even better (beware, this is going to be a long session):

- Something that has bothered me since CS came out: why is the sun rising in the west and setting in the east? I look at my pda map facing north, so east is right and west is left. Its 9 o'clock in the morning and the sun is rising...left? Especially in locations like the swamps this was a rather annoying problem since I had orientation problems when I first played the game. I wonder why nobody has noticed this before, I have found no mods whatsoever which address this problem.
- Why is there no music in the CS main menu? I really liked that tune.
- For more realism it would be great if there would be the option to add weapon sway, unsteady aim and no auto-reload.
- Why do the stalkers in Cordon at the tunnel and under the railway bridge let me pass before I spoke to Sidorovich? This didn't happen in vanilla if I remember correctly.
- In the great swamps there is the Quest "Return item: AKM 74/2U". Of course, in AO this weapon is a normal AKS-74U, so I would suggest to fix the questname. The same goes for the garbage-quest "A bandit Chaser 13".
- IMO there is way too much ammo and healing items available. After I played the Misery mod for CoP I got used to the realistic survival horror feel this mod provides, with very little guns, med kits, ammo and other items available. In AO, every bandit stash seems to have like 500-1000 7,62x25mm bullets and after half an hour I didn't bother to pick up ammo anymore. And the refill cycle of the stashes is just insane, they feel more like a pandora's box with goodies instead of maladies. Every stalker could become a billionaire by just waiting close to a stash and grab the items out of it. ;) I don't say the resources should be as hardcore scarce as in Misery, that's a matter of taste. But it's still the zone after all, and I would appreciate if there would be less items so I have to manage my resources more carefully.
- There is the optional feature that Mitay sells every weapon. I love that feature, because I like to collect all guns and now I don't have to carry my new found RPG-7 and other heavy stuff through the whole zone to my stash. But it would be nice if Mitay also sells all available Silencers, the Armsel protecta and the SKS Slamfire. At least in v1.2 that wasn't the case.
- I've read that for AO 2.0 the faction wars will have some fixes. That's one of my main concerns, since in one playthrough with AO 1.2 the faction war was sadly not playable. No matter which faction I joined, my teammates refused to send me any backup or there wasn't even the option to attack a checkpoint. I had to clear the enemy checkpoints all alone with my trusty G3A3 while my fellow bandits where digging their noses in the main base and even then, they didn't bother to recapture the cleared checkpoints. After I managed to reduce the duty douchebag resources from 300 to 150 and after a while they magically regenerated back to 250, I realized that this faction war was pretty pointless and had to move along with the main story.
- There still is this strange vanilla CS issue that items are falling through solid, mostly wooden floors, e.g. when I destroy a box on the attic of a house, I have to pick up the items on the floor in the room beneath.
- More weapon jamming. I have shot some ingame guns (G36, AKMS) myself and can say that even a fresh-from-factory and maintained gun can jam anytime, especially in hot and dusty circumstances.

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It's an SRP feature that the stalkers guarding the tunnel and bridge in the Cordon let you pass from north -> south (but not south -> north) before talking to Sid. It was implemented because it made no sense for them to try to stop you from leaving their territory if they didn't want you there to begin with. They will, however, try to prevent you from getting back in once you've gone south, just like in vanilla.

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