Something has been following you... something terrible. You break in a castle where everything started. You began to find out the dark history of the castle. Are you the one... who will pass the test? -REQUIRES JUSTINE- -Good mapping -Good story - Good atmosphere

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This story is well designed, but still some parts lacks of detailing and this story can be much longer if creator wants to be much longer.

I still enjoyed it a lot and this is above average story what players are looking for, nice scares, not too many monster encounters, well placed time and places.

Overall really decent one!

7/10 - Decent


KrustiClawn says

May contain spoilers 6 agree 3 disagree

A highly recommended story to everyone looking for a horrifying story!


- Level design is wonderful and could not be done much better
- Variation of quests and some of them new
- Some good scares
- Great athmopshere
- Several monster encounters were well made
- Flashbacks
- Custom music
- Good amount of supplies


- A note was blank
- Lacks story. I'm still not sure why we broke into the castle in the first place
- A bit too generous with the supplies at the end
- The ending was not very satisfying and could have been better made
- Some monster encounters were pretty easy. The grunt at the end of the prison spawned when I was 10% up the ladder already


This story is close to perfection! It's hard to make both the story and level design perfect. Most people either work alot on the story and less on the design or vice versa. You have a wonderful level design that actually amazed me, but the story has a few "holes" in it and the ending was not very satisfying to me.

9/10 - Awesome

saw how popular this mod was and decided to give it a try. Best mod I've played so far in my opinion. it made me feel like I was playing the actual amnesia by how fun, scary and mindworking it was. I have nothing bad to say about it only that in some spots where there were stairs, in the top of them, I got stuck a few times, but no biggie. I could rate it a 10 but page won't let me since I'm new here :/

favorite part has to be where you had to use the crates and boxes to create your own set of stairs to get to an upper level.

You made my day :D


AndrewAllStars says

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So after completing your mod i must say i was happily surprised. So let me way the Positives down first:


- Level design was great, you made each area feel like it was part of a real castle and i felt like i was actually traversing through an old and mysterious place.
- The Atmosphere was well done, with alot of tension being built up between each monster encounter. Your inclusion of sound and audio to add to this was also done great, albeit a few too many 'footstep' sound effects hehe.
- There was a simple storyline and a purpose behind what your character was doing.
- I managed to scream on a number of occasions and even felt intimidated at times
- You had the correct amount of oil & tinderboxes placed around the map.
- Flashbacks and dream sequence were interesting, albeit the dream didn't make much sense.
- The Penumbra 'chase theme' used at the end of the mod, FANTASTIC! I haven't heard that in ages, loved it!

Things to work on:

- Although the monster encounters were used really well, i often managed to hide before encountering them (albeit the Brute in the library & the Grunt at the ladder). This isn't serious, and hasn't been counted in the review as a score.
- Not sure if it was down to scripting or my installation, but there seemed to be quite a few blank letters lieing around.
- Possibly due to the above point, there wasn't much of a real story to go on, as i would have really liked to have seen more information, perhaps on the relationship between the Baron and Andrew Hunter, considering the Baron was hunting him.
- I enjoyed the mod, but i would have liked to have seen abit more closure, even though you explain what happened to the Baron, would have liked to have seen what he was possibly hiding, resulting in a possible ending for a Part 2?

Final Notes:

Great Mod and i encourage you to keep making more! I would like to see more from our character Andrew, probably because he has the same name as me ;)! But kudos and thanks for th


Gaviao says

May contain spoilers 2 agree 1 disagree

omg dude while i was playing the custom story, i felt like i was playing amnesia for the first time! i really liked the flashbacks!! it tells what happened to the people that got captured by the baron! and i had some horrible moments like when you was getting the key to the baron's room i see a note that says that the sailor died there and that everyone that was dead was turning into monsters!!! then the grunt appears and saw me!! i was like *OMG OMG OMG RUN LIKE A BOSS RUN LIKE A BOSS!!!* and i escaped by entering in the baron's room lololol, but yes that cs was really good!!! i'm giving a 10/10!!! i really had a good gameplay experience, congratulations

6/10 because:

+ Didn't look bad at the beginning
+ Something good can be found in this custom story

- Not much of a real story
- Simple puzzles (most of them)
- Little originality
- Scary sounds connected with no events
- Flashbacks from original Amnesia game
- C'mon, a mushroom in an office? Doesn't make much sense. And it's hard to pick up the poison gland
- Too many "common" monsters are spawned (those just to kill you that lurk in the darkness)
- Prison section is big and looks empty
- Barely any oil in the prison section The prison is the darkest area. I have to search for a key and you don't put much oil to that section? What are you trying to prove?

I would suggest replacing the words "metal fence" with "iron bars" in the memento that says the metal fence is blocking the sewer entrance.



Great Level Design
Very Well Scipted Maps
Good story
A Lot of different puzzles

I Almost gave up in some parts, because it was really hard to complete or see anything without a drop of oil, you gave me tons ans tons of tinderboxes, and i just found 4 oil potions on the entire story!, i saw that you used some musics from Penumbra, and i got very scared on some parts, even for me an experienced Amnesia player. This custom story is one of those that we didn't had for a long time. I really recomend to everyone this cs, for sure is one of the best of 2013

Actually a pretty scary custom story. The ending was a little abrupt but I did enjoy playing it.

It was definitely worth playing. Brilliant level design atmosphere and last but not least very close to the original Amnesia feelings, something you just don't find anywhere and which is highly commendable. I loved it!

However the reason I rated 9 and not 10 is the following:
The main story IDEA was awesome, but I would've LOVED to find more and more of it, it could've been developed more, into more notes and quests.

I strongly recommend this mod to any Amnesia fan.

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