The third editon of the famous American Civil War mod.

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Here's a bit of the CS rework-in-progress. To get the most variety and un-uniformed look of the Confederates, we have taken a whole new approach. One large multi-texture which holds the main elements for variety of the most common Confederate items and colours, according to historic sources which unit wore what and from which supply depot it got their uniforms...

Apart from historical stuff and a nice mix of variety, one of the main advantages we aim to gain from this, is to be able to remove another 100Mb of individual unit textures from the pack, decreasing the load on the computer graphics, increasing FPS and reducing the number of battle crashes!

The blanket rolls and backpack combos have also been reworked for maximum variety and some visibly home-made blankets added to the mix, for that authentic "un-uniformed rebel" feeling.

So, here you have some Floridans, Virginians and Marylanders for a taste of the new stuff.

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Dec 30th, 2013