Play the official Alien Swarm maps and any addons through the Offline Practice mode. Alien Swarm:SP also supports a large amount of configurable changes for mappers to help them create new single player maps for Alien Swarm. As the online community who play Alien Swarm seems to be getting smaller and smaller my hope is this mod will revive the game.

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10 rkdqudfud97

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feillyne says
10 feillyne

May 18th, 2012 0 people agree 0 people don't

This is a great mod for an offline, singleplayer experience.

pendra says
8 pendra

Dec 12th, 2013

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AilinNyan says
9 AilinNyan

Oct 7th, 2013

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Dinafay says
9 Dinafay

Aug 31st, 2013

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10 dominicstilma

Aug 7th, 2013

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PlayFire says
10 PlayFire

Mar 23rd, 2013

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9 glaygle

Dec 17th, 2012

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10 destro100

Oct 27th, 2012

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10 stampp

Jul 15th, 2012

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