a fleet spawning mod with new units and a brand new hero unit with a new class, "Mercenary" mercenaries are loyal to no one faction and can be hired for the right price. every ship spawns a fleet from hyperspace and every faction has a SSD fully capable of destroying capital ships

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im useing the underworld in this video to state some new changes to the faction. all ships frigates and up can cloak (excluding the eclipse). superweapon builders have gotten a face lift with new weapons and a single upgrade tree to improve its defenses. underworld units now have mroe hard points on most ships. ive tweaked the ability's of the units and removed some completely. uri fenn is now a playing hero in space, he has 4 mass driver cannons and 4 turbo lasers, increased health and defense. adding on to the consortium ships ive added mandalorian dreadnoughts that can only be built in the superweapon station. one dreadnought and 2 escort dreadnoughts can be bought there, the main dreadnought has superior firepower compared to its escorts however the escorts have an augment ability that helps the main dreadnought (rapid continuous repair) they can of corse cloak and have unique abilites, one for the main and one for escots. (a plasma beam and power to weapons for escorts) please enjoy the video and leave comments and questions below

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