Your name is David Leatherhoff, and you're addicted to a strange drug. Lately you have started to experience illusions, dreams picking at your deepest and darkest fears. Finally, you go to Markland Hospital, seeking help. First, however, you make a stop into the bathroom, where another bottle of pills awaits you, standing out like a beacon in the night in your depraved eyes. When will it all stop?

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This is the scariest mod or any other thing I have ever played. I have felt what SCARED actuly means. There is NO way I can finish this mod, maybe after 5 years or so, but I totaly give 10/10.

I have to look to the floor sometimes to dont see a scary thing lol, great mod.

Quite scary.

Nice realistic psychological concept.

i remember back when this first came out i wast so frightened by it i could barely play it but somehow i wound up beating the game the mapping is amazing the story it awesome the multiple endings just makes you keep playing the there's so many jump scares and scary moments with a dark setting and the fast movement the zombies have just makes you panic and the sound effects are amazing for this game i give this game a 10/10 amazing mod

Look, I know that Anders was like 13 when he made this mod, but it really looks like crap now with all its reused assets, especially when the Director's cut makes it completely obsolete.


10/10 i ****** on my pants


There's 1 thing that describes my view on this mod- Yes. Just yes. This is the best mod I've ever played, and it scared the **** out of me.

This mod is very well made and scary. Have some horror references and a silent hill feel (and one Direct Resident evil reference *-*).

Gonna definitely be playing this again on Halloween! Really scary mod, that first zombie scared the **** out of me. I was not expecting it one bit.

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