Absolute HD Mod - full compilation of best graphic mods for Doom 3. Warning: RoE not supported.

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everythings great, the amount of crashes that so far do not have any fixes (or people do the "i fixed it so lets not tell anyone" mentality) have just ruined it, until things find a fix or such, this will remain a 3/10

Nothing is truly perfect but Doom3 Absolute HD 1.6 is a masterpiece of blended and refined upgrades for a classic game that does it justice and keeps its playability and atmosphere untarnished-Beautiful work!

Just for the time and effort that this mod saves, it should get a 9/10. Don't think that you can match it by installing one or two of the included mods yourself, even after the fiddling with them. There will be tearing, aliasing, light balancing, and missing textures to deal with.

Absolute HD works out of the box with anti-aliasing, soft shadows, HDR, bloom, and all other good things to come out of a decade of modding. Modern lighting mods for other games like Quake and the original DOOM series, can go too far in my opinion. In Absolute HD, the black and white thresholds are a good compromise between dynamics and wash-out, and can be tuned more to taste. All mod options in this package are clearly organized and configurable (straight from the in-game menu for the majority of them).

Thanks to this mod, I'm playing DOOM 3 after years of relative disinterest. For both the effort and good taste that went into it, it deserves a 10/10.

About performance, I'm using a 4670K i5 with overclocked GTX-970, and only disabling soft shadows, the game runs at solid 60 fps with default scale factor 1.2 anti-aliasing (FXAA), which to me looks like 4x super-sampling but limited to the edges, so interior surfaces like tables may be jagged. This is a limitation of FXAA, you could instead force SSAA in NVIDIA inspector (not tested).

In a nutshell, this looks better than Left4dead 2 and runs just as smoothly, while DOOM 3 is over 10 years old.

My only request would be about the variable FOV when walking and sprinting. The narrowing FOV when running takes some of the speed out of a sprint, and I think the FOV change profile is too abrupt. Is there an option to disable this feature completely?

Thanks again!

Having all the mods that I want, Sikkmod, texture mods, and animation mods. Bless you creator for this mod

good, love that mod as hell. Never seen the better one. I'm glad to play with this mod. This team do very good mods. Good luck in future with next modes !!!!!

An Absolute MUST for Doom 3 fans: This mod improves and rejuvenates the life of Doom 3, whilst still showing appreciation to the old Doom 3.
Adding simple stuff, like a health and Adrenaline inventory, object manipulation (able to pick up objects), monster infighting, deadlier and brutal enemy AI, and Visual options out the whazoo, Absolute HD is an Absolute must have.

Although I do dislike the idea of longer weapon reload times, the fact you can't sprint & shoot, and the fact that so many people are reporting crashes and bugs may give you a wobbly start, but just re-installing it seemed to fix everything.

This mod is also compatible with the Steam version of Doom 3, and just install this into your steamapps & you're good to go, when you find it in the "mods" section of the game.
The Resurrection of Evil does not work with this mod, so there is a different mod to suit that need.

Really amazing work! Doom 3 looks very good with this mod. Graphical improvements makes the game more fun to play these days, when old graphics got out dated :)

This mod is almost perfect. Make the original game ultra modern in these days. But the double barrel shotgun of Roe ported in first chapther and impossibility to change difficulty in the menu but only in console is not positive: first for who never played before original game and make too easy, the second it's not accessible for common players that not know console or any cheats, they only want play game without complications, you know :D. For rest is the best mod for last the masterpiece of Id Software.

This is a great mod it adds tonnes of stuff and effects to the vanilla game if you have not tried this yet you are missing out, give it a go it is loads of fun to play.

Great mod, definitely the best way to play Doom 3. Sensible balance, artistic control and good gameplay.

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