G-man man is asking you for another mission at Xen, this game is kinda difficult until you realise it. =P

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This mod does a lot of things I liked, namely the settings of the maps, the actors being fairly close to their original counterparts, and how much it felt like a Half-Life experience. Unfortunately, there were also many points where I got flat out lost and confused on what to do next. Overall, however, I'd recommend trying it at least once.

Played this back then with my cs 1.3 cd hahaha so awesome!

Buckets of fun, and an interesting storyline behind it. It had some decent mapping, and challenging combat sequences. If you haven't played this yet, what are you waiting for?

An eight.

A few neat surprises in its level designs, and with the UD pack it makes the game really like its in the near future world for hl.
I did get lost during the second last part of the game in the warehouse but aside from that the storyline was a little out of whack and not really in tune with hl continuity but I do like spin offs when they are interesting/engaging and this seemed to just be a excuse to get you into some new areas.
I would have rated it higher if it was longer, and I did enjoy doing these errands for Gman but sort of felt sort of 'meh' at the end of the game because it was rather anti-climactic.


The very first HL mod I played and one of the bests I've ever seen.

this is so awesome! One of the best mods i have ever played...

The theme park is a very good level.

Got a little dissappointed at the ending level seeing as it was short and partially recycled from a Half-Life map.

I recommend to play it with the Trusty Crowbar Pack made specifically for this mod.


ethics says

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Digged this.
The first two maps were absolutely great. I liked the circus and loved the tibetian temple. The gameplay was fair and balanced, but had some really cryptic "puzzles", f.e. in the third map: How are you supposed to know that you could break the generator door? I tried it, but did not hit the breakable area of the door, but the unbreakable one. I left because I was sure it could not be broken and was thus stuck.

Buut the challenges and all of the surroundings were excellently done.

I love this mod. As the creator says " this game is kinda difficult until you realise it. =P", yeah I found it was very hard but fun. I love the part at the playground, I even get lost inside too! Just nice, love it. I would like to give a 10.

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Played this back then with my cs 1.3 cd hahaha so awesome!

Feb 13 2013 by YourAssIsGrass