A Wrong Turn is an alternate history mod, introducing eight warring civilizations, each of them based on a strong archetype, from the communist Russian to the Arab religious extremist, the Nazi German or the American imperialist, fighting endlessly in a collapsing world, sometime in the 1980's. Eight playable civilizations, hundreds of new skins, models and sounds effects, a new interface and menu musics, and the most intricate and immersive alternate history background ever designed make for one of the most ambitious projects ever for Rise of Nations - Thrones and Patriots !

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The flag and anthem of the New Golden Horde. The only non-rectangular in the world, this flag is a copy of one of Genghis Khan's former personal standards. The golden horse is a rather transparent symbol of the Golden Horde, and the colours blue and red are traditionally associated with Mongolia.

However, as the New Golden Horde is nowadays more a gathering of warring tribes than an actual state such as it was in its early years, this flag is often combinated with the warchiefs' personnal emblems. the anthem, however, is a very widespread battlesong, that urges the fierce "Sons of the Khan" (the motto of the Golden Horde) to ride along the world, killing and scavenging, and their women to faithfully run the country's economy and industry in their absence. The Horde indeed as a very unique social structure, that attributes war to the males, industry and labour to the women, and agriculture to captured slaves from the Horde's enemies.

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