You have been abandoned and stranded inside a prison cell. An earthquake has hit, damaging much of the estate, but also providing you with an opportunity of freedom. The estate's staff left to the north, to brace for the incoming storm of death. Quarantined from the rest of the world, you find a chance to escape in the collapse of your cell's floor. Stumble through the darkness, towards the lighted path...

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BLKPlague says

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+good mapping
+good idea

-no monster chases
-no tense music
-not scary, only feels uneasy


Spelos says

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First of all, your art style was really good! The vanilla assets were used in a really creative way to bring new environment to life.

However I cannot rate your mod simply on the looks. Yes it looks good, but a good game designer can find the balance between all the things in game making.

The "Story"
I was basically non existent. The Player doesn't have a name, motivation or a backstory for that matter. There is one note about a little bit of backstory for the environment, but it is quickly destroyed by you looping back into the place you started... I get it... It might mean YOU are the monster as well. I get it... But it simply didn't have enough build up to pull such a twist out.

The "Environment"
It looked great, but it still have some beginner mistakes, such as clipping texture.

The "Level Design"
I'm sorry, but it doesn't look like much thought was put into the level design. Now... keep in mind that Level Design isn't how the map looks (or at least I'm not rating it on that) it's the act of balancing details, with the meaning of a map and especially helping player with environmental clues and non-text advice. There was none... The maps had a simple paths, many rooms had no purpose and it is very possible to get stuck.


-I like the idea of this CS
-Good level design

-Too short
-There really isn't much anything to do in this CS
-No music

A Great Mod I Love IT It's A GREAT GAME Thank YOU for making this mod. Goodbye!

Good story


Humeba says

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I thought it was a good mod. I agree with Ventenah, it would have been better at the end if the monsters had got loose and chased you.


Xilium says

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The ending was unique but the story was short :)

The only positive about this is the map design. The rest is either poor or not present.

I liked visuals, but ambience/music was missing. There were couple wall clipping issues. Wasn't confusing, quite clear but too easy to beat. You had too many levels that contained just really small areas. Try to make them bigger so you don't have to have so many map files!

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