A Proper Empire balances combat, morale, and battlefield effects. Pricing changes in units, buildings, and research costs will challenge you but new units, new technologies, and additional benefits from many other changes to Empire will be available. Terra Incognita adds a strategy-focused mod for A Proper Empire. Enjoy exciting new features like Manpower and Supply, a completely rebalanced economy and, most importantly, an exhilarating new gameplay feeling. The aim of Terra Incognita is to present the player with ways to employ diverse strategies and present him with interesting decision that offer meaningful choices.

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okay mod

nice and slow empire manage became more fun but the long recruitment and build time made it a wee boring because but that is also a good thing because AI cannot rush an assault and they can't my territories easily.

major draw backs of this mod-

is lack of diversity in the units there are some but i want more diverse special elite units. some of the minor faction really have no special units Malta for example they should have order infantry or something..

sloppy programming - uninstalling is hard because the uninstaller is not working for me so i had to look for all the files under this mod and delete them manually.

The mod was fun but i might not download it again because of the sloppy programming for the uninstaller i hope they fix that


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