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RSS feed Report content T-mat fleet and icons are done

So why not have the Planet killer in Action?
I mean at least to kill the Shipyard.
Does it shoot a big beam like last time?

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Don't mind that comment, it was before I red the description.
My idea is that it should be a such ship with such a powerful weapon that it takes a while to charge as the ship gets in position to fire as well which includes moving it's movable parts into a good position which I don't know what is but I'm sure that the way it did look in the video is it's traveling mode.

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LeviathansWrath Author

i set the beam the MS and the PK uses as a special attack weapon so you have to research it before it can fire, but i havent set up a tech tree for it yet.

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OKay i just finished these ship icons today and also showed some of the units in game, i made the Tmat frigate destroyer into a platform and made it a single burn unit but for some reason when you tell it to attack a distant target it will move towards it. Does anyone have an opinion on what to do with the Megaship aka council ship now that i have the Planet Killer taking its place? In the meantime ill edit stats and create a research tree for the T-mat and get the Ai working with said tree. I will let you guys know when i get the updated mod with the T-mat in a bit for download, actually just pay attention to my source forge link on the summary page. But i also need to get the arm animations for the new/ old T-mat mothership done, it has 25 parts that have to be able to move so i hope Don is up for that.

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