A new war rages between Israel and Syria, while the USA and China continue to fight against the GLA, turning the local Mid-East crisis into A GLOBAL CRISIS. "A_Global_Crisis" brings Israel and Syria (from the Mideast Crisis total conversion mod made by Isotx, with their permission) into C&C Zero Hour, with all of the original C&C ZH factions, campaigns and Generals challenge missions, BUT with some great new changes like realistic artwork and new units + an additional United-Nations Boss General!

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I love this mod....Abra your doing great.

Wish I can be like you...maybe I can help you if I learn to mod.

Your rock Abra ^_^

Good mod about modern times

The Mideast Crisis factions are a very interesting addition to C&C Generals, offering new gameplay styles and creating fun new match ups for the vanilla factions.

A Global Crisis also attempts to address some of the imbalances with the original game (such as the Chinese Tank General being rather lackluster), and the inclusion of these new units is greatly appreciated as they further expand upon the playstyle of each sub-faction without deviating too much from the general premise, however, the mod also introduces its own share of units that feel somewhat redundant or less relevant on the Syrian and Israeli side.

At times the Israeli and Syrian tanks feel too fragile compared to their Chinese and even GLA counterparts, which can be particularly egregious when you take into account that Israeli tanks are designed to be durable and safe.

A minor nitpick of mine was the fact that some units were missing production hotkeys, others share the same production hotkeys and some of them even overlapped with the game's regular functions, you press "H" to produce a Humvee as Israel, and that always centers the camera on your HQ, because "H" is also the hotkey to focus the camera on your HQ by default, overall this makes the mod feel slightly unpolished, as you cannot rely on hotkeys to ease the burden on your macro-management.

Despite these criticisms, I enjoyed playing A Global Crisis and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a mod that adds new factions and new opportunities to experience C&C Generals.


Finally i can kick some *** as Israel


The HP seems to be improved for defenses, but it could be better. (Still better than before.) But there are still too few options. Syria's defenses need a dedicated anit-air defense or at least multi like America' patriot system. Then there's the fact that you can still kill superweapon missiles. It takes away the Command and Conquer experience Another thing that really bothers me is the details of some units, especially the Chinese infantry and a few select American units like Burton. Every other soldier has amazing detail that even ROTR would be jealous of, but China's soldiers still look like those crappy 1970 copies! Did you get lazy or something?

Keep practicing, and plz update.

This was one of the first mods I ever had the pleasure to play and I still have soft spot for it today.

Take the play style of c&c generals zh add some far more realistic looking units and factions what you're left with is one heck of a mod.

All I can say is that I've spent many hours of my younger years playing this game and I cannot wait to play it again.


This is the best mod i've ever seen in my life. I've wish that you can continue and update like such as other mods. What i recommend is using launchers and put a lot of items to the game, but other than that, it is an awesome mod

Really liked to authentic mode, as solder in the IDF, I can say it's had a lot of thinking in these mode, except the Boaz nonsense (I would have create instead a Sayeret Matkal commander).
And the Merkava tanks should be much more faster.
It's have a few crashes from time to time, and u can't capture Israel's or Syria' buildings.
And that about it.

One of the best mods in generals history hands down.

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I love this mod....Abra your doing great.

Wish I can be like you...maybe I can help you if I learn to mod.

Your rock Abra ^_^

Aug 26 2010 by Dr.Thrax123