A modification for Mount and Blade: Warband, set in the universe of George R. R Martins "A Song of Ice and Fire". Also known as the popular HBO TV-series "Game of Thrones".

A list containing the latest changes to A Clash of Kings.

Posted by Cozur on Mar 8th, 2013

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A Clash of Kings Version 2.1 (Not yet released)

New features/tweaks/upgrades:

New Saltpans scene.
Removed Oberyns daughters.
Removed Lord Harroway's Town.
Assigned lord villages.
Removed a couple of redundant lords.
Moat Cailin siege re-worked.
Oldtown siege re-worked.
Various string changes.
Added fog effects to select parties/scenes.
A lot of textures have been updated.
Updated various shaders.
Various changes to some quest scenes.
New King's Landing hall scene.
Removed various redundant weapons/armors.
Updated various battlemaps.
Various world map changes.
Added a couple of new props, courtesy of La Grandmaster.
Increased wildfire damage.
Various trade route changes.
New Weeping Town hall scene.
Unlocked diplomacy for the following factions: Qohor, Pentos, Tyrosh, Myr, Lys, Volantis, Norvos, Lorath, Braavos.
Couple of updated facecodes.
Various changes to the Hear me Roar quest.
Starting stats slightly tweaked.
Various party re-positioning.
Various new locations in Essos.
Updated various player kingdom features.
Starting gear slightly tweaked.
Added Bastard Sword.
Various shader RGB value tweaks.
Character creation scene tweaked.
Added a new quest: The City of Sorcerers
Valyrian sword models replaced.
Overhauled Casterly Rock scene.
Overhauled Lannisport scene.
Tweaked Braavos and Tyrosh colors.
Various changes to text size.
New scenes for: Rhyos, Aquos Dhaen, Mhysa Faer, Draconys.
Fixed dothraki family relations.
Invading faction lords now have their notes available.
Various economic changes.
Added the following valyrian weapons: Heartsbane, Lady Forlorn, Nightfall, Red Rain, Vigilance, Orphan-Maker, Truth.
Added various new capture events.
Added a couple of new special rooms.
Added various new props.
Added a couple of new weapon models.
Buffed Unsullied.
Rotated the meat.
Added a new quest: Illuminations.
Overhauled Wedding Guest items.
Raymun Templeton got a new horse.
Fixed special room music.
Added new exploration feature.
Added a couple of new props.
You and your men can now eat apples, pears, lemons and plums.
The northern part of the map is now covered in snow.
Re-did scenes for Winterfell, Karhold, Last Hearth, Dreadfort, Deepwood Motte, Bear Island, Castle Cerwyn and corresponding villages.
Overhauled most quest dialogue.
Tweaked a few items.
Overhauled Renly Quest
Overhauled music.
New Maidenpool scene.
Added Gates of the Moon castle.
New Dragonstone scene.
Dragonstone is no longer a town, but a castle instead.
New Brightwater Keep scene.
Added a plethora of new items.
Added a lot of new props.
Various building and enviroment re-textures.
Overhauled sellswords.
Added Essos troops.
Completely overhauled item modifiers.
Overhauled all armor costs, weights, difficulty and stats.
Added War Lances with flags.
New faction: The Riverlands.
Added a couple of new lords, castles and villages.
New Brightwater Keep scene.
Tweaked Light Spears.
Various mission_template tweaks.
Added a new companion: Lyneria.
Overhauled flora.
Overhauled music.
Increased map speed slightly.


Your wife no longer calls you 22.
You can no longer make Vale ladies the new Khan.
Village defenders are now peasants, not low-tier sellswords.
Aeron Greyjoy is no longer loitering in Lord Harroway's Town.
Pirates should no longer be immobile.
Meeting scenes now make sense.
Fixed sea battles while enlisted with a lord.
Various string fixes.
Pentos siege fixed.
Lys siege fixed.
Tyrosh siege fixed.
Aysel Keep siege fixed.
Veteran Wildling Archers no longer classified as cavalry.
Cairnhall icon fixed.
Celtigar daughters are no longer 0 years old.
Hillhall icon fixed.
Fixed various world map vertix overlaps.
Noble companions now have the correct reputation type assigned.
You no longer get stuck in a dialogue loop if you only have one vassal.
Pretenders are no longer naked.
Fixed some battlemap spawnpoints to be closer to the edge of the map.
Fixed entrenched battlemaps.
Fixed camping battlemaps.
Margaery Tyrell is no longer 0 years old.

A Clash of Kings Version 2.0

New features/tweaks/upgrades:

Added Two-Handed Warhammers
Removed horned Ironborn helmets.
Dragonstone and Driftmark are now closer to each other on the map.
Couple of string changes.
Added Ten Towers and Fellwood scenes by LordCanute.
Added Pentos, Sunspear, Lys and Ashford scenes by LordCanute.
Couple of game_menu changes.
Wights no longer drop armor.
Some warhorses have been slightly changed.
Various music changes.
Changed Northern Pikemen into Northern Billmen.
Completely overhauled interface pictures.
Dothraki Archers level fixed.
Gerold Dayne now has more Dayne-ish features.
The dornish have had their facecodes updated.
Looters now have less spears, and more one-handed weapons. Should make them less deadly to cavalry.
A couple of items have been made less white-ish, and given a more weathered look.
The Iron Islands color code has been made slightly darker, to make it easier to differentiate them from the North.
Maces now do slightly less damage.
One-Handed Maces can no longer knock down enemies.
One-Handed Maces can no longer crush through shields.
Faction troops have had their weapons slightly tweaked - infantry is now a bit more effective, and archers have been nerfed slightly.
Davos Seaworths sons now form a part of their fathers army, rather than Justin Masseys.
Seneschal Haram is no longer naked.
The various factions have had their percentage of archers comprising their armies slightly nerfed, and been given more infantry instead.
Tweaked various weapon text.
The Stormlands Halberdiers have been changed to Stormlands Hammermen.
The Dragonstone Serjeants have been changed to Dragonstone Halberdiers.
Changed war objectives slightly.
Horses have had their armor rating nerfed.
Ladies now have the correct response to your poem.
Some mounted units have been slightly nerfed.
Leadership skill has been buffed - it now provides +8 to party size instead of +5.
Many castles now require siege towers to be built before the assault option becomes available.
Faction specific events overhauled.
Added a new Pyke scene.
Pyke changed from town to castle.
Added Lord Harroway's Town.
Goldengrove changed from castle to town.
Added Rook's Rest.
Removed Wayfarer's Rest.
Ironoaks changed from town to castle.
New scenes for Lord Harroways Town, Tumbleton, Weeping Town and Fairmarket.
Essosi sellswords now upgrade.
Recruiting troops from the castellan has been made more expensive.
Bandit equipment overhauled.
New tournament scenes for most Westerosi towns.
Various shield changes.
Tournaments have been made slightly harder.
Crannogmen should no longer run around with a duplicate of the player.
Added 200 new props.
Updated and overhauled the Targaryen quest line.
All the quests have been updated with various convenience fixes.
Completely new interiors for towns and castles.
New alley scenes.
Glaives have been buffed slightly.
Billmen, Halberdiers, Pikemen and Glaivemen are a bit more effective now.
Removed some shields.
The invading factions should no longer have their lords instantly defect due to a lack of fiefs.
Gregor Clegane have had his face code and size improved.
Added more special troops to various lords.
Dark Sister now has a new model and a longer reach.
Removed some weapons to simplify items.
Added new models for the Recurved Bow, Dothraki Bow and Dornish Bow.
Sea Travel is now available all over the ocean.
Mission_template for ship battles overhauled.
New effect for Wildfire.
New sound for Wildfire.
New facecodes for certain lords.
Finished work on the new diplomatic system.
Players no longer start out with a spear and a sword. They now start with a sword and a sausage.
New Wheat model.
New starting room.
The Essos part of the map has been made more detailed, with more mountains and gorges.
Myrman Crossbowmen can now only be recruited in the Port of Myr.
Added many new special troops available for recruitment, such as Rainwood Axemen, Kingswood Archers and Gulltown Knights.
Finished low-res textures for the low-res version.
Re-worked how Sellsword Companies work.
Some lords are now more loyal, to make them more in line with their lore personality. No more Gregor Clegane fighting for Dorne.
The "Move Court" option has been made less costly, and now requires linen rather than velvet.
Some female characters have had their facecodes changed.
It is now more expensive to hire seneschals, castellans etc. The weekly cost remains unchanged.
Added 4 new towns: Rhyos, Draconys, Aquos Dhaen and Mhysa Faer.
Added new bridges to make travelling a bit easier in Essos.
Removed old sellsword companions.
Most old interior props have been replaced with higher qualities ones.
New skeleton props.
Added volcanoes to the world map.
Removed the option to Work in the Field.
Lords parties have been made slightly bigger.
Many new party icons.
Added custom battle scenes to beaches.
Item prices tweaked slightly.
Overhauled banners.
Ser Medrick Waterman changed to Melly Waterman.
Added difficulty requirements to some shields.
Special weapons (valyrian swords etc) slightly buffed.
Overhauled weapon prices.
Overhauled shield prices and stats.
Various quest reference fixes.
Bridge texture change.
Haystack Hall position slightly changed.
Various interior atmosphere changes.
Updated player troops.
Ranged weapons do 50% more damage when defending in sieges.
Ranged weapons do 33% less damage when attacking in sieges.
Overhauled faction arms.
Added 3 new unique quests.
Various weather tweaks.
Added the option to execute Gregor Clegane, if the player is a vassal of the North.
Added a couple of new events.
Overhauled pretenders.
Crannogmen once again wear boots.
Swamp terrain has a re-made weather effect.
Overhauled trade.
Added new area specific battlemaps.
Fixed various female facecodes.
Added weaponmaster skill to all the companions.
Forest Bandit parties have had their size reduced.
Dothraki Coursers have been nerfed.
Tweaked some faction colors.
Reworked tavern sellswords.
Added Norvos scene.
Re-did the King's Landing scene.
Added a new companion - Ser Titus Harper.


Various dialogue trigger fixes.
Various entry points fixed.
Fixed the guardian_assess_suitor bug.
Helmet rewards are no longer cracked.
Darry prison fixed.
Seagard prison fixed.
The Crossing prison fixed.
The weather effect now applies when an enemy sallies forth.
The weather effect now applies to ocean scenes.
Your wife no longer refers to you as "33".
Village map icons should no longer change during gameplay.
Various grammatical errors in game_menus and dialogs fixed.
Fixed shield sizes.
Fixed shield hit points.
Fixed shield resistance points.
Sea-lane to Sunset Harbor functions properly.
Initialize_economic_information error when starting fixed.

Bugs reported by beta-testers:

Nunn's Deep menu bugged. - FIXED.
Crickhollow - bad AI mesh.
"a a bard" in character selection. - FIXED.
Village grain quest - grain remains in inventory after completion. - FIXED
Working in the village field rewards bugged. - FIXED.
Merchant ships sailing on land - FIXED.
"Ransom Wife from Bandits" quest have no timer.
Weeping Town event typos. - FIXED.
Arena dialogue replica. - Not a bug.
Error when fighting the bandits and being knocked out in the "Train Peasants" quest.
Some weapons can block even though they got the moniker "cannot block". - FIXED
Stone Hedge siege bugged. - FIXED. (Wasn't broken).
Stonehelm/Blackhaven scenes bugged. - Couldn't find the bug.
Draconys and Aquos Dhaen missing their NPC's. - FIXED.
Elyrian Javelinmen have Power Draw instead of Power Throw. - FIXED.
Lumber price in Braavos. - FIXED.
Grey Gallows Natural Harbor text. - FIXED.
Volantis scene backstreets accesable by the player. - FIXED.
Qohor and Volantis declare war on Dragonstone and Westerlands when the dothraki invade. - FIXED.
Old Arming Sword from the quest "The Last Caravan" is cracked. - FIXED.
Veteran Reach Glaiveman has no guaranteed gloves. - FIXED.
Sellsword Archer has more weapon skill than Sellsword Longbowman. - FIXED.
Couple villages had trees going through their bridges. - FIXED.
Wives call their husbands a she in the quest to rescue them from dungeons. - FIXED.
Some knights where classified as infantry. - FIXED.
The quest "Incriminate the Loyal Commander of..." did not yield the advertised reward. - FIXED.
The Golden Company Camp still spawns during Fire and Blood. - FIXED.
Ygritte causes an error during the Mole Town battle. - Not able to replicate.
The quest to kill looters got the wrong reward in the description. - FIXED.

A Clash of Kings Version 1.5

New features/tweaks/upgrades:

Reduced stumbling chance by 20%.
Reduced spear breaking chance by 10%.
The quest Bring Back Runaway Serfs should be a bit easier to do.
New female faces.
Couple new hair types.
A couple minor changes to male faces.
Unsullied use gloves.
Font fixed.
Pikes can no longer be used on horseback.
Added two categories of spears: Light, which can break, and heavy, which cannot.
Various flora changes, to make some of the battle maps less frustrating.
Morningstars now do piercing damage instead of blunt.
You can now re-dye all the starting factions.
A couple of battlemaps have been re-made.
The Padded Robes from Dragonstone now has the correct model.
Hooked Glaives can now be swung.
Plate Armors have been buffed slightly.
Tournament troops have had their skills and attributes somewhat changed.
Cairnhall is now closer to Weeping Tower.
Garrett Longley have been given a new armor piece.
Added Highgarden scene.
Updated some skill tooltips.
Fixed Sisterton tourney scene.
Dornish Spearmen have heavy spears.
Added Reynes Dragonstone Burgonet.
Few noblemen cloth texture changes.
A couple of changes to the world map.
Overhauled horses.
Made sure faction leaders have top-tier weapons.
Buffed Javelins, Throwing Spears and Jarids.
Tournaments have been made harder. Was too easy to farm for great rewards, renown and coin.
Various collision mesh fixes.
Updated some quest information to make them a bit easier to understand.
Added The Golden Tooth, Bitterbridge, Arbor, Ghost Hill, Starfall, Raventree Hall and Yronwood scenes, courtesy of LordCanute.
The random event about Baelors hair has been remade.
Couple of map party name changes.
Rusty swords can no longer gain the modifier "rusty". To avoid items named Rusty Rusty Sword.
The Pentos garrison has been tweaked.
Various dialogue changes to the quest "Escort Scholars".
Minor lords have been buffed a bit, should make their parties a bit tougher.
Companions will now update in taverns, switch around and re-appear after they've left your party.
Castle-Forged weapons are a bit less overpowered.
You can no longer recruit cheap Sellsword Javelinmen from village elders.


The Pyke battle scene no longer contains pyramids.
You should no longer be able to make the Miller's Wife a vassal.
The Westerlands and Qohor are no longer at war.
Qohor now has the right faction arms.
Music should no longer play over other tracks when entering certain scenes, and end once the scene is exited.
There is no longer a light house stuck in the area between Ashford and Cider Hall.
Your men will no longer eat lumber.
Skill penalty has been turned OFF by default again.

A Clash of Kings Version 1.4

New features/tweaks/upgrades:

Added a new starting quest.
Added commisioned items.
Added Reynes/Pif500's items.
Added three new tier of swords - low quality, medium quality, castle-forged.
Swords have been made more effective.
New models for Dark Sister and Orphan-Maker.
New noble clothes.
Couple of new tree models.
Removed a couple of outdated textures/models - replaced with new ones.
Various facecode updates.
Added some new shields.
Couple of scene changes (Volantis got overhauled, should crash less.
Added a new faction: Qohor.
Merged the Riverlands and the North into one faction.
Various lord skills/attributes changes.
Gregor Clegane is now more skilled with his sword.
Overhauled the companions price/dialogue/equipment/name/skills/attributes.
Completely new troop system for the Free Cities.
Added 9 new companions.
Added a couple of events when you make your own kingdom - you can commision a crown etc.
You now keep your own weapon in tournaments.
Added Salladhor Saan to Dragonstone.
Added many unique troops to certain lords, such as Emmon Cuy, Lewys the Fishwife, Dorden the Dour and Rolland Storm.
Many new town menus where you can recruit companions, troops or just visit iconic locations.
Re-introduced pretenders.
Various texture upgrades.
Various siege scenes changes.
New Iron Throne/Painted Table model added, courtesy of natekilfoil.
Updated various mission_template weather effects.
Added Lances.
Lances and spears now have a chance to break on impact, but have been made more powerful.
Various troop tree changes.
Various dialogue changes.
Various string changes.
Added a couple of new village scenes.
Tweaked wages.
Removed the ability to buy land from merchants.
Added the Iron Bank of Braavos.
Crannogmen no longer attack vassals of the North.
Trading should now be more profitable.
Re-introduced villagers/reinforcement parties.
Various map changes/tweaks.
Various interior scenes changed.
Companion complaints are now turned ON by default.
Various family relations tweaked/changed/fixed.
Re-did the names for many of the essosi characters, to make them more alike to the ones described in the show/books/MUSH.
New flying arrow particle effect.
Removed a couple of castles.
Changed many village and castle names.
Added a couple of new castles to Lys, Tyrosh and Myr.
Added new sea lanes through the Stepstones.
Removed a couple of NPC's, they'll return in 1.5 with new dialogue/offering new quests.
Gave many of the volantene/lyseni lords a valyrian facecode.
Tweaked bandit parties slightly.
Nerfed the Khizra Khalasar.
Tweaked the second valyrian face a bit.
Fixed lord Selwyn of Tarth being stuck.
Fixed companions getting the wrong banners.
Removed the quest "Old Tatters and Bloodbeard" due to The Tattered Prince and Bloodbeard being recruitable companions.
Skill penalty from encumbrance turned ON by default.
Peasant rebels now wear shoes.
You can now travel across the river between Myr and its villages.
Renamed many villages and a few castles to be more lore accurate/make more sense.
Nerfed Honorable Men.
Re-did names for bandit leaders.
Arakhs have been given the correct weight.
Elite Sellsword Pikemen no longer carry spears, but pikes.
Many of the Free Cities now have custom garrisons, to make them a bit harder to conquer.
Qohor and Pentos have garrisons consisting only of Unsullied.
Plate armor and some hauberks have been nerfed.
There's now a chance you'll stumble while walking.


Various prison scenes have been fixed.
Battle maps with annyoing trees have been fixed.
The text should no longer be screwed up when using a Mac.
Fixed the re-dye map option disappearing.
Fixed the ship on land bug. Finally!
Removed some textures/updated some textures. Mod should now run a bit better.
Upgraded various collision meshes to be less taxing on the system.
Various scenes have been re-made to be less taxing on the system.
Various entry points have been fixed.
The neutral entry point bug in prisons should now be fixed.
The script error courtship_event_troop_court_lady should now be fixed.
Robin Moreland and Leane Frey are no longer siblings.
Mercenary contracts now last 1 month, as they're supposed to.

A Clash of Kings Version 1.31

New features/tweaks/upgrades:

Fixed Long Spiked Club being able to stab.
Re-introduced Mod Options.
Tweaked piercing/blunt armor reductions a bit.
You can no longer parry with some weapons that have wooden handles (axes, maces etc).
Added Long Swords.
Polearms have had their speed increased by about 25%.
Two-handed weapons have had their speed increased by about 25%.
The Ghoyan Drohe innkeeper is no longer a transvestite.
Lysa Tylly is no longer a man.
The Millers Wife/Bride-to-be is no longer of valyrian descent.
Added a new banner for the player to use, House Toyne.
Gave Heavy Targaryen Knights their boots back.
Added three new village scenes.
Removed Great Lances, replaced by regular lances.
Changed the Wildfire Pot explosion effect - more changes to come.
Added various weather effects, courtesy of Xenoarghs Blood and Steel source.


Fixed Freelancer game menu.
You now always spawn with a weapon in tournaments.

A Clash of Kings Version 1.3

New features/tweaks/upgrades:

Many economy changes - should make trading more interesting.
Added many new trade routes - economy should be more dynamic.
Various changes to the custom quests - you need to defeat the enemy parties before you can continue etc.
Added many new armor pieces, courtesy of Kuauik.
Removed a couple of outdated items.
Re-did most of the noble outfits.
Pikemen now have pikes.
Lorathi Archers now have bows and arrows.
Added many new unique events.
Nerfed the negative events considerably.
Added terrain specific events.
Added faction specific events.
Removed a couple of castles.
Added a couple of new castles.
Added a couple of new lords.
Added a couple of new female lords - Maege Mormont etc.
Many map changes.
Re-did the battle scenes - they're slightly less clustered and slightly larger.
Overhauled tournaments, you no longer use your own gear.
Ironborn Axemen can be upgrade to Ironborn Retainers.
Ironborn Retainers, Veteran Ironborn Retainers and Elite Ironborn Retainers have been given throwing axes.
Buffed swords.
Buffed axes.
Nerfed bows.
Added three new guildmaster quests.
Added four new village quests.
Various changes to Essosi troops.
Various scene fixes/re-textures.
Re-did the tunnel scene in the NW quest chain.
Re-did much of the character backstory at the start.
Overhauled starting stats.
Overhauled starting equipment.
Added a new valyrian face.
Replaced Blackfyre with Orphan-Maker - Blackfyre will be back in future versions.
Various facecode changes.
Formations are turned on by default.
Disabled Mod Options - was only required for enabling formations.
Various dialogue changes.
Added Nordous' Sisterton scene.
Completely replaced all the artwork in the modification with custom made artwork.
Gave Gregor Clegane a huge sword.
The spice sellers in Meereen have been tweaked, a lot.
When enlisted and your lord is captured, you now have much more time to mount a rescue or wait for him/her to be released.
Gave the Dornish troops a complete overhaul, to make them more eastern, less western.
Added a new game font.
Spears can now be swung again.
Spears can now be couched.
You gain 150 experience the first time you talk to a village elder.
You gain 300 experience the first time you talk to a guildmaster.
Nerfed Carvers stats.
Gave Jarion Moreland the correct banner.
You can no longer stab people with the Long Spiked Mace.
Made Gregor Clegane slightly larger.
Nervous Men are now slightly tougher.
Peasant Rebels are slightly tougher.
Various map party location changes.
Various item textures desaturated.
Various specular textures tweaked.
Re-did the Moat Cailin scene.
Added Ruins of Sar Mell scene.
Various lords had extra dialogue added.
Various minor scene fixes.
Fixed Westerlands Billmen.


Fixed various prison scenes being blocked by obstacles.
Fixed the "lord_get_home_center".
The string bug tied to talking to lords and ladies and asking where other NPC's are should be fixed.
The Targaryens no longer invade twice.
The Barrow is no longer bottomless.
The Riverrun interior scene is no longer bugged.
All lords now have a fief.
Various alley scenes have been fixed - Fairmarket should no longer be covered in snow.
Fixed the bug related to looting villages.

A Clash of Kings Version 1.2 (current version)

New features/tweaks/upgrades:

Added new Winterfell scene.
Added Nordous' re-done Riverrun scene.
Added new Kayce scene.
Added new Ironoaks scene.
Added new High Tide scene.
Re-did Meereen scene.
Re-did Yunkai scene.
Added tournament rewards.
Tweaked tournaments.
Tweaked weapons.
Removed many weapons.
Added some new weapons.
Overhauled two-handed weapon damage and speed. Much less overpowered now.
Removed a lot of obsolete textures and models.
Added many new nobleman outfits.
Added new dothraki outfits.
Added new dothraki weapons.
New Blackfyre model and texture.
Increased garrison size.
Increased lord party size.
Increased troop wages.
Added vanilla horse dust particle effect.
Various world map changes.
Various world map texture changes.
Added Aemond One-Eyes armor.
Added two new valyrian swords.
Removed Bone-Breaker.
Various village tweaks.
Various economy tweaks.
Various name tweaks.
Added Valyrian face.
Various facecode updates.
Various Essos name changes.
Quest reward overhaul.
Added more random events.
Added various new props.
Added various new props to indoor scenes.
Added Slavomir of Aaarrghhs Tavern Animation Pack.
Added 13 new quests.
Added two new invading factions.
Oberyn looks more like Pedro Pascal.
Increased bandit amount.
Increased bandit party size.
Various companion equipment changes.
Gave Saltpans to Robb Stark.
Gave Fairmarket to Roose Bolton.
Added Xenoarghs fade effect.
Various border tweaks.
Added text notification when you choose a quest option that cause you to lose stats.
The Wights are now much more dangerous.
Added Mailed Warhorses to the horse merchants (low chance of appearing).
Added Cataphract Warhorses to some horse merchants (low chance of appearing).
Added Plated Warhorses to some merchants (low chance of appearing).
Re-did the Wildling items.
You get less Wildfire pots from the quest "Shadows in the Night".
Added proper desert modifier to dornish villages.
Added proper fishing fleets to the villages close to water.
Changed Bow and Crossbow arrow/bolt speed.


Fixed various village scenes.
Fixed various bugged textures.
Various text changes.

A Clash of Kings Version 1.11

New features/tweaks/upgrades:

Removed many of the towns, replaced some with castles.
Removed some Stormlander lords.
Removed some Northern lords.
Removed some Vale lords.
Removed some Riverlander lords.
Removed some Dornish lords.
Removed some Reach lords.
Gave Darry to Gregor Clegane.
Tweaked garrisons.
Added new starting quest.
Added new starting town.
Removed some weapons.
Removed some armors.
Added new wildling armors.
Made some items less abundant.
Added pathfinding to caravans and cattle - they should now be somewhat faster.
Honorable Men should now be less overpowered.
Added a new sea lane between Dragonstone - King's Landing.
Added a new sea lane between Dragonstone - Gulltown.
Various map tweaks.
Added a new location to explore.


Lords defecting should now be fixed - please test and report back to me.
All quests have been fixed and redone.
Northern archers now always have bows.
Ironborn Axemen have the correct level.
Fixed Volantis lords causing the game to crash.

A Clash of Kings Version 1.1

New features/tweaks/upgrades:

Added Deepwood Motte scene.
Added more than 100 new NPC's.
Added four new companions, amongst them Sandor Clegane.
Added two new quests.
Added various new scenes to explore.
Various text tweaks.
Re-did many Essos troops.
Added Arakhs.
Added the Iron Throne.
You can now visit Yunkai and Meereen.
Various Westeros troop tweaks.
Various quest objectives have been made more clear.
Feminized all the armors.
Ability to sail across the Rhoyne.
Various banner tweaks.
New banners for companions.
Various music tweaks.
Scene atmosphere tweaks - you always fight wights in a dense fog now.
Re-did all the battlemaps.
Added various new flora to the jungle scenes.
Added Kingsguard armor.
Tweaked garrisons.
Tweaked reinforcements - lords should no longer instantly receive a hundred men right after being defeated.
Buffed Dragonstone.
Reduced amount of archers in armies.
Removed house Horpe, added house Staunton.
Added various heights to certain troops. Gregor Clegane is huge now.
Added various prostitutes.


Fixed tournaments.
Fixed sea battles.
Fixed trade.
Various scene tweaks.
Fixed Volantene lords causing a crash.

A Clash of Kings Version 1.0

New features/tweaks/upgrades:

Added a couple of new castles to the Westerlands.
Added a couple new lords to the Westerlands.
Added Jaime Lannister.
Medger Cerwyn, Harrion Karstark and Wylis Manderly are imprisoned at Harrenhal at the start of the game.
Jaime Lannister and Antario Jast are imprisoned at Riverrun at the start of the game.
Added Oldtown scene.
Added White Harbor scene.
Added Volantis scene.
Added Dreadfort scene.
Added many new NPC's, including Lysa Tully, Catelyn Stark, Melisandre and Vargo Hoat.
Added six new unique quests.
Added unique quest rewards.
Added two semi-new terrain types - Swamp and Jungle.
Completely re-did the eastern continent.
Tweaked diplomacy.
Tweaked outlaws.
Tweaked outlaw spawnpoints.
Added Wildfire pots.
Updated the Red Keep scene.
Added the Quiet Isle.
Added the Isle of Faces.
Added the Sorrows, formerly known as Chroyane.
Added a random Septry.
Added Nunn's Deep.
Added Ruins of Summerhall.
Added a completely new soundtrack.
Added a new blood effect.
Added Bilwits armors.
Added a couple of other armors.
Added three unique Valyrian weapons as quest rewards.
Added a new ship scene.
Added invisible barriers to all the ship scenes, troops should no longer fall off and get stuck at the bottom of the ocean.
Re-textured most trade goods.


Fixed the prosperity bug.
Fixed the disembark bug.
Various scene pathfinding bugs fixed.
Various transgender innkeepers fixed. Except for one who still likes to cross-dress.
Colin the Mute is now more of a mute than a lier.
Fixed tournament weapons requiring too much strenght.

A Clash of Kings Version 0.9

Buffed the Westerlands.
Buffed the King's Landing garrison.
Added 8 new lords to the Westerlands.
Added many new lore NPC's, such as Sandor Clegane, Littlefinger and Varys.
Re-did the Red Keep.
Re-did the Red Keep throne room.
Re-did Tournaments.
Added religious figures.
Fixed the trade goods bug.

A Clash of Kings Version 0.9

New features/tweaks/upgrades:

The world map has been revised and tweaked for a better look.
The world map has been tweaked to allow for better pathfinding.
The world map should now lag noticeable less when using the fast-forward option.
Various items have been tweaked.


Naval battles now works correctly.
Freelancer now works correctly.
Character notes have been fixed.
Huge armies of bandits should no longer infest the map.
Fixed bugged prison scenes.
Fixed bugged tournament scenes.
Fixed bugged tournament rewards.
Farmers will no longer appear with full plate armor.

A Clash of Kings Version 0.91

New features/tweaks/upgrades:

Added a couple of new items.
Removed many of the lore-hostile items.
Added some new banners.
Re-did the heraldic items.
Added new heraldic shields.
Added new terrains.
Added many new plants, bushes and flowers.
Added 25 new custom made battle scenes.
Added 5 new custom made village scenes.
Changed saturation to make everything more like a dirty medieval world.
Changed various world map textures.
Removed many obsolete textures.
Tweaked bows and arrows. They should now be less overpowered, but still an asset if used right.
You can now upgrade to a knight when serving as an enlisted soldier.
Reworked all the banners, they now fit on the heraldic armors.


Fixed the talk in private bug.
Fixed the sea travel free-for-all fighting bug.
Fixed the missing village elder in Pennytree.
Fixed the invading faction loosing all their troops, sort of. Temporary fix.
Fixed all the prison scenes.
Fixed floating heads.
Fixed Asha Greyjoy being a man.
Fixed Female Peasants being male.

A Clash of Kings Version 0.9

New features/tweaks/upgrades.

Added a couple of new items.
Added many new banners.
Added heraldic items, work in progress.
Added Polished Landscapes.
Added Freelancer.
Added proper family relationsships.


Fixed many missing textures.
Fixed prison doors missing.
Fixed various scene bugs.

A Clash of Kings Version 0.8

New features/tweaks/upgrades.

Added more than 300 armors, amongst them many civilian clothes to add variety to feasts.
Added many new mounts.
Added many new shields.
Added many new weapons.
Restored vanilla animations.
Added all new banners.
Changed Pyke into a town, to make Greyjoys more powerful and allow for a better siege scene.
Added Pyke scene.
Added Valyrian Swords. Obtain them by defeating their owners. Very rare.
Added various indoor scenes for King's Landing, Casterly Rock, Dragonstone, The Eyrie and more.
Updated various facecodes.
Added new village scenes.
Decreased the size of bandit parties, to avoid them forming massive bandit armies.
Added various new scene props.
Added bump maps to many items and props that lacked them/had bad ones.
Replaced some mercenaries with more lore friendly ones.
Assigned custom items to every lord and lady to make them more diverse.
Tweaked the flora_kinds slightly.
Added many graphical updates to terrain, items, scenes etc. Noticeable if you have a good PC.
Completely overhauled Braavos culture and troops. Now a sort of italian/byzantine blend.
Tweaked troops and items for more balance.
Assigned new items to all tavern keepers, guild masters etc.
Temporary diplomacy fix - Tyrosh, Volantis, Pentos, Norvos, Myr, Lys, The Three Sisters and Lorath will no longer interact with any of the other factions.
Removed some low quality arrows.
Saturated world map textures a bit.


Fixed Unsullied.
Fixed all Tourney scenes.
Fixed tournament rewards.
Fixed the fief bug.
Fixed the marshall bug.
Fixed the player kingdom bug.
Fixed the seneschal bug.
Fixed various world map bugs.
Fixed various item bugs.

Post comment Comments  (0 - 50 of 151)
courir Mar 9 2013 says:

thanks for your work

+22 votes     reply to comment
christophercook71619 Mar 9 2013 says:

Thanks Cozur....love your mod!

+3 votes     reply to comment
Tyroflion Mar 10 2013 says:

Thanks for your hard work. Your mod deserves the attention it is getting.
Also +1 for the speed of updates. Wasn't expecting to see v 0.8 so soon. Kudos!

+2 votes     reply to comment
Guest Mar 10 2013 says:

the fixed list seems very promising DLing it now <3

+1 vote     reply to comment
noukosal Mar 11 2013 says:

nice work,i love your mod,but may i ask why you restored the vanilla animations?i really liked the animations at v 0.7...are they going to be included at later versions or is there any chance that you'd upload an optional file with the old ones?

+2 votes     reply to comment
PhoenixRanger Mar 15 2013 says:

thanks for the update!

+1 vote     reply to comment
PhoenixRanger Mar 15 2013 replied:

actually is there a way for me to change the mod so that I keep the non-vanilla animations?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Rex331 Mar 19 2013 replied:

Yes, download it here: Forums.taleworlds.com there are instructions on which two files to install.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Apr 2 2013 says:

Awesome job dude I love Game of Throne and this will go well with it

+1 vote     reply to comment
Jancek27 Apr 15 2013 says:

Keep up the great work, absolutely love this mod :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
Masacru12 Apr 16 2013 says:

I've been w8ing for 0.9 for weeks, at last I can thank you for an osum mod !

+1 vote     reply to comment
nojaja Apr 17 2013 says:

FINALLY 0.9 cant wait for 1.0

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Apr 18 2013 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

SPAZ-UNICORN Nov 3 2014 replied:

There's a couple quests you can do. One's in White Harbour.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Apr 20 2013 says:

Nice done Cozur! Since the first time i played mount&blade i wished for this mod. Many great features... great mod! But is there a reason why you did a complete overhaul of the Westerland roster? In 0.8 there where nearly perfekt, on a style and lore basis... red and gold and the cattle helmet! I see the development in 0.9 but the feeling to be a Westerlander, without all there shiny high quality armor and stuff will not come back thou. Keep on the great Work!

+2 votes     reply to comment
Guest Apr 21 2013 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest Apr 22 2013 says:

The prison doors are still not fixed

+3 votes     reply to comment
Firestorm250 Apr 26 2013 says:

Fantastic Mod, a big fan of A Song of Ice and Fire, just wanted to help contribute:

Several Bugs that I found in Version 0.9:
1. The Prison Door is missing in the Castle of Claw Island
2. The Prison Door and the Door to the "Castle Keep" is missing in Seawatch
3. Some of the claimants to the various Kingdoms are still the original Vanilla Claimants

+1 vote     reply to comment
Arcavius Apr 30 2013 says:

I found a bug a bad one, when you lose a sea battle. You will become a prisoner and you escape the enemy. you will get struck on sea after you escape.

+3 votes     reply to comment
SPAZ-UNICORN Nov 3 2014 replied:

Put cheats on just incase maybe?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Arcavius Apr 30 2013 says:

There is a problem with custom battle as well. The soldiers are not from Clash of the King but from Floris =o=. Also the enemy side is just a lot of naked NPC...

+3 votes     reply to comment
Arcavius May 1 2013 says:

You should check the report section, where it shows faction relationship. It is still the same as the native one. It was not helping me since I have playing as mercenary xP. Thnx for your great work. Can't wait for greater improvement.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Arcavius May 6 2013 replied:

Also the reference part in report section, the Unit tree is soldiers from Floris mod. Please just check I am not sure it is either me or the game. Thank for all the hard work. I wanna design and code like you too ^-^!!!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Nov 2 2013 replied:

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crispy01 May 26 2013 says:

What are Heraldic items?

+3 votes     reply to comment
jerbearmane May 28 2013 says:

would be nice to know if it was save game compatible with my .9 since I don't want to lose all the iron islands or lannisport.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Halexius Jun 1 2013 says:

are you able to marry asha greyjoy on 0.91?

+1 vote     reply to comment
mageroo Oct 3 2013 replied:

Im wondering on this also...

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Jan 11 2014 replied:

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Guest Jun 6 2013 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Halexius Jun 7 2013 says:

in which armies can you be upgraded into a knight?

+1 vote     reply to comment
viperac39 Jun 9 2013 says:

0.91- i find a problem with the free cities and that they are never at war past 30 days. i can always be a lord and try to provoke them but they dont seem to fight on their own.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Jun 10 2013 says:

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Guest Jun 12 2013 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Darksz Jun 13 2013 says:

you are so cool omg like how good of a mod this is Can We give you money? lol

0 votes     reply to comment
Guest Jun 19 2013 says:

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Guest Jun 24 2013 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest Jul 1 2013 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Welshie69 Jan 13 2014 replied:

Your have weight incumberance turned on, if your armour is too heavy, some abilities wont rise. Try using lighter armour/weapons, possibly raising your strength stat or you can turn it off by camping and accessing the mod options menu.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Guest Jul 20 2013 says:

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Guest Aug 6 2013 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest Aug 10 2013 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

SPAZ-UNICORN Nov 4 2014 replied:

A big one, yes. Two handed. Do the quest at Dragonstone.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Aug 10 2013 says:

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Chaotic-Entropy Sep 13 2013 says:

Awww... poor Colin... "the man" has finally been able to silence him.

+1 vote     reply to comment
domanz Sep 15 2013 says:

In the arena, when you choose a weapon, no matter what you choose, you get a lance. I'm currently at Storm's End, where I have started the game.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Guest Oct 3 2013 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Bliksemstraal Oct 19 2013 says:

I have v1.0 and the tournament system seems to be the exact same as in native. Do I have a faulty download or is that just this version's tourney system?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Guest Feb 9 2014 replied:

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Billywhiz10 Nov 9 2013 says:

what are the valyrian weapons and how do you get them?

+2 votes     reply to comment
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