2600AD is a single player game currently being developed on the UDK by the Canadian company Furious Entertainment. The year is 2600 and the world is locked in constant gang warfare. Join the Renegade gang and fight your way threw a post apocalyptic wasteland to the top ranks of the Renegade gang. Game Will feature: 4 Unique gangs -Renegade (Non-mutated humans and the players gang) -Brotherhood (A group of drug addicted religious fanatics) -KayNyne Krew (Humanoid hounds of war) -Steel Corpse (Basically radiated rotting human tissue held together with nuts and bolts) Fight with a full unique arsenal -Autogun (primary machinegun/assault weapon) -Hellfire Shotgun (Compact light weight shotgun) -Redeemer (a large slug based handgun) -Cyclone (double barreled automatic personal defense weapon) And many more.... This Game will also put heavy emphasis on vehicular combat.

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Jun 1st, 2010

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