The 21st Century Warfare tournament will be using the 21CW Mod as the basis for the continuing struggle between the four divisions of players that make up the 21st Century Warfare tournament. This release of the 21CW Mod will be the foundation that will be used to later add content, armies, weapons, and vehicles to increase the enjoyment and playability of the Battlefield2 engine, while also making the gameplay more suited for a balanced tournament-style battle. The 21st Century Warfare tournament is the largest Battlefield2 tournament on the internet with over 600 players participating in 12-hour weekend battles using real military rank structure, chain of command, strategy, and gameplay.

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21CWMod Rearms With New Weaponry and Aircraft

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21CWMOD HQ - The 21CWMOD Team have listened to your suggestions and ideas and are ready to release some screens of what we are working on for our next...

Patch 1.03

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On the heels of the very successful initial release of the 21st Century Warfare Mod (21CW Mod) for Battlefield2, the 21CW Mod team is excited to announce...

21CW Mod An Overwhelming Success

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21CW HQ - 21st Century Warfare Tournament and our owner would like to thank all of the players of Battlefield2 who have downloaded...

21CW Mod Released In Midst Of Hurricane Ophelia

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21CW MOD HQ - Despite the eye of Hurricane Ophelia circling around the head of our Mod Lead, JD, 21st Century Warfare and are proud...

21st Century Warfare Announces Release Date

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21CW HQ - 21st Century in conjunction with proudly announces the forthcoming release of the 21st Century Warfare Mod...

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