Imagine a world where the Allies didn't win the war, nor did the Axis. Instead, the war just continued on and on in an unsteady stalemate. Welcome, to the world of 1949. In this world Germany decided not to bomb London, but instead continued its attacks on Britain's airfields. Then, the Russians lost at Kursk. Finally, D-Day fails. With these victories, Germany has managed to halt the Allie's progress. In the Western Theatre, the Allies and the Axis each plan the invasion of the other's vital territories. In the Pacific, Japan and the United States are dueling over tiny islands with giant fleets and atomic weapons. Now, the stalemate is about to be broken. Germany is preparing an all out invasion of Britain. As tough and valiant as the Allied troops defending the Sceptered Isle are, some of their leaders are beginning to that they will be unable to hold against the Wehrmacht.

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Nice back story. Could give greasguns upgrade they were very cheap back then.

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Lord_Wiffleby Author

Actually, that is part of the plan. It depends on which "Army" you choose at the start of the match, but yes, your draftees can get greaseguns.

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a message on one of the helmets or maybe the bar saying "KRAUTS WORST NIGHTMARE!" or u can put on a tank

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"War is God's way of teaching Americans geography."

germans coould put this on the maus Xd

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"i got 1 round and i'm pointing it at hitler"
that good?

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At least i saw all the photos,huh.
Great work guys,kepp making awesome things and people will buy coh only to install this mod :)

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These images show the prototype for the American Draftee unit. At first, it was just an alternate version of the American Rifleman, except the troops would carry M1 Carbines to keep their cost lower. The two units are differentiated by skill and name, but they also have another important difference: discipline. Draftees were only recently on the sidelines, and the news coming to them from the front wasn't encouraging. Therefore, their morale is low. These men, unlike their Rifleman cousins, have begun to "deface" their uniforms. In other words, they are writing on their helmets. This unit will have quite a bit of diversity in it, because not only are the messages different, but sometimes, so is their skill level and cost. For instance, every unit has an ace in it, who has a few swastikas chalked up on his helmet to show how many Germans he's taken down. He carries the squads BAR, which helps to compensate for the rather low level skills of the other 14 squad members. As of right now, most of the unit's messages aren't readable, partially because they are backwards. Once that is fixed, I'll take screenshots again. In the meantime, feel free to contribute any "helmet messages" you think would be good.

Anyway, in the shots I have posted, these Draftees are in fierce combat with the Germans. Eventually, I managed to break through the enemy, and the Draftees were only stopped by the enemy's base bunkers. Unfortunately, an Ace from one of the Draftee units was the last member of the squad to flee when I ordered the retreat, and it cost him his life. Shortly thereafter, I recruited some Pershings and laid waste to the Axis base.

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