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how to get Steam Deus Ex working with or without mods

zahlenbechk Blog

Right so I just bought an ultra cheap steam copy of Deus Ex, and initally couldn't get it working due to a stupid speed problem (main menu was super laggy and seized up). Luckily some nice guy provided a fix. See link below.

Get this: Download this archive , and extract to your system folder.

Now that you have Dues Ex working you might want to play some mods. All you have to do to get mods working is replace your mod exe in [in your deus ex/system folder] (e.g. HDTP.exe) with a copy of the CustomDeusEx.exe [which you'v just installed] renamed to the name of your mod exe. See example.

Example [using HDTP]:

0)Install HDTP mod (duh lol).

1)Remove/Backup HDTP.exe.

2)Make a copy of "CustomDeusEx.exe" and rename it to HDTP.exe.

3)Launch HDTP.exe

Please Note the shortcut provided with the mod will NOT work. Consequently you will have to create a new one (shortcut of your new HDTP.exe). I think everyone reading this will know how to do that so no worries. :)

For a bonus I'd like to suggest a mod: DeusEx Ultra High Quality mod. This is simply a compination of HDTP (a texture pack) and the enb series for deus ex (preconfigured).


zahlenbechk Blog

This is just bunch of completely legal freeware/abandonware releases, not mentioning the obvious ones like Quake Live or Battlefield Heroes, etc.

(SP) S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Build 1935 (alpha)
For some odd reason GSC released an alpha build of STALKER. 'Tis extremely instable as one may expect.
Fixes and more info:

(SP) Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe
A game few people have played. It is rough around the edges but cool nonetheless. Kinda like an old 70's WWII espionage movie. Think 'Guns of Navarone' but less epic.

(SP) The Suffering
This was a promotional thing from a while back. Requires an active internet connection to play. According to wiki the distribution was discontinued, though the fileshack download is still up. I can't see why it wouldn't work in any case.

(SP) Pre/Ex Fallout 3 Tech demo aka Van Buren
Another odd one; a ghost of what fallout 3 could have been. Not really a game, but still interesting for would-be devs to ponder at.

(MP) F.E.A.R. Combat + Coop Mod
Free F.E.A.R. mulitplayer. Fun stuff, heavy download. There is a F.E.A.R. coop mod that you can you use with this to fight against AI. Should probably work with just one person with a bot match I would think.
Coop Mod:

(SP) Marathon
Ancient Bungie game. Well liked, but it doesn't seem like all that imo. For a game of this nature it has a nice art style to it.

(MP) Postal II: Share the Pain Multi
Postal II multi is by all standards quite weak, but can be a bit of fun in a pinch. Bot supported.

(MP) Enemy Territory Wolfenstein
Classic team based multiplayer.

(SP) C&C Gold, Red Alert, & tiberian sun
Old school RTS fare. -you'll need to cut a disc or two
Tiberian Sun:
C&C1 Gold:
Red Alert:

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