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Yasuhiko Mar 5 2011 says:

Hands don't look real zombie-like. Maybe give them a tint of olive green?

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Yasuhiko Feb 28 2011 says:

1 or 4 with a more round look.

+2 votes   media: Phase Gate concepts
Yasuhiko Dec 25 2010 replied:

Aliens are faster than soldiers. Though the explosion collision will probably be bigger than CoD.

+1 vote   media: Grenade Launcher Attachment
Yasuhiko Aug 1 2010 says:

Just a few suggestions I hope you will take into consideration,

Scout class is so weak, a headshot doesn't even kill the other player.
Headshots should do 3x the damage. (I usually get 92 DMG)
Body shots should do 2x the damage. (I usually get around 42 DMG)
Legs and arms could be the same. (Not sure about this, but I think it's still 42)

Explosions should have a larger area of effect.

Players should move a bit slower, but maybe up the stamina.

Rifles/Machine guns are way too accurate, shouldn't be anywhere near as accurate as a sniper rifle. At least from long range.

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Yasuhiko Jul 28 2010 replied:

NS1 lasted years. I'm pretty sure NS2 is worth $20, unless you want the Special Edition (which allows Aplha/Beta Access). NS2 is only going to be more epic.

Sure they have issues now, but like they stated, "...we want you to realize that this is only the very first version, of many many versions to come."

+8 votes   news: NS2 Alpha Released!
Yasuhiko Jul 28 2010 replied:

I've actually been waiting for NS2 since last year :P
And now I have it >:3
I pre-ordered it in December '09 :)

+2 votes   news: NS2 Alpha Released!
Yasuhiko Jul 26 2010 says:

A decent game overall. The gameplay isn't much different than any other game. But the selection of weapons makes the game more fun. The downside to this game is the damage (getting shot 3 times up close with a shotgun should kill the enemy, or even a sniper to the head.. even if they are wearing heavy armor), sound effects (hearing gunfire up-close/behind while the battle is far from you), spawn points (should have the ability to chose the spawn point, even if it's just 1 flag ahead), and small maps (though not big of a deal, it gets boring real quick).

Main Suggestions:
-Fix the damage on guns, make them noticeably different.
-Realistic Damage.
-Update the sounds of the guns. I don't want to feel like I'm back in the 90's.. even though the 90's were pretty awesome..
-Some animations needs to be fixed (ex. shouldn't stay zoomed while reloading with sniper rifle)

+2 votes   news: Firearms Source 1.0 Release
Yasuhiko Jul 25 2010 says:

Reminds me of Zombie Master.
Looks decent, but I haven't played it myself yet. I hope there are more enemies than what I've seen in the trailer. I'll give this some time before downloading it. A game with good potential.

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Yasuhiko May 24 2008 replied:


+1 vote   mod: Mudkip
Yasuhiko Feb 14 2008 says:

You need Dawn Of War for it

+1 vote   download: No Limit Mod
Yasuhiko Feb 14 2008 says:

Watched a preview on YouTube

Looks interesting, but doesn't look like I wanna pay for this kinda game.

"have to pay for an account grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! :@ i wanted to play free but its 29 99$ :("

Made me not even want to bother anymroe.

+1 vote   download: Savage 2: Tortured Soul Full Client (Win - v1.0)
Yasuhiko Feb 10 2008 replied:

Where can I get the [Freelancer Mod Manager 1.3]

0 votes   download: Discovery Freelancer v4.84
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