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This review is for the mod "The Edain Mod."

Many mods add 1 faction. Other mods add units. Only the grand mods reworks nearly every skin, changes gameplay in a radical way, and adds factions all at once. The Edain Mod is certainly a grand mod. Not only are you offered a mod filled with beautiful skins for units, but also a mod that overwhelms your mind set for Rise of the Witch King.

The gameplay is completely knew and unique. Games will last longer thanks to stronger structures. Heroes are no longer suicide pieces sent into battle that can be brought back at full strength, but are rather put in a weaker state to punish you for losing them, as well as reward the other player for killing them. The Ring Hero system is fantastic, abolishing the bland system used in The Rise of the Witch King, as each faction has a unique ring hero, and many have more than one. This offers you to deviate from the regular path for your ring hero.

The skins are fantastic, and they are constantly updated. Many of the skins, I expect, will be replaced with even better ones as the mod's skinners get more experienced. The skins are breath taking.

As well, the support is amazing. You will get quick answers from the team, and even the fellow community. The mod is not dying anytime soon, as the team is full, working, and constantly updating their progress for the commmunity. It is hard to understand how these guys have already released near 10 beta's of the mod. The mod has grown so complex, and their is still more to come. As of now, this is the most active and efficient producing mod for the ENTIRE BFME series.

I have not even gone into detail about the inns in the mod, or the complex hero evolution many heroes have, nor have I mentioned some of the more unique game mechanics that make the mod so unique.

10/10 For many things including:
-Unique Ring Hero System
-Unique and Original Gameplay
-Beautiful skinning and art
-A spectacularly developed campaign
-Organized multiplayer



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