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xMurphyx @ Smokin' Guns

There are more mirrors on the official website and many people have downloaded the game from there. There has been a good crowd of people online this evening so you can safely give this a go. :)

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xMurphyx @ Smokin' Guns release

Very good game.

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xMurphyx @ Far Cry 2 - Mapping made easy?

You all act like this was new. Far Cry Instincts/Evolution/Predator had a very similar mapeditor as well.

It's little more than the mapmaker for Atomic Bomberman or Age of Empires 2 in terms of creative freedom and ease of use. The only difference is that this here is 3d and for a shooter.

Personally, I would never take the Far Cry map-maker over a real editor like the UnrealEd because you can never get the same sense of accomplishment out of it and you can't really make a creation of your own.

That said I think the mapmaker is an excellent tool for casual players who want to expand their game. This is heaps better than waiting for an official map-pack that might never come or playing the same maps over and over.
I think the analogy with Age of Empires fits perfectly. A map made with the Far Cry map-maker isn't worth any more or any less than a map for Age of Empires 2.

I see a problem of far cry mapmakers becoming cocky because they get the feeling they made the maps and compare them to maps someone made with a real editor and feel superior because their creation looks better. This feeling that they "made" the maps as opposed to simply putting them together is strengthened by having wireframed screenshots as loading screens although of course you never get to use wireframe in the mapmaker once it's loaded. It just looks more powerful that way and boosts the egos of wanna-be mappers a bit. But so what, I say? If you are a real mapper you can just smile to yourself and ignore it and it's not like a Far Cry map-maker is going to get your job in the gaming industry - if that's a concern to some.

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xMurphyx @ I don't give second chances

If a mod doesn't appeal to me in the first version I try I won't try another version. A patch does not change the mod all that much. If I liked it and patches make it better, fine. If I didn't like, chances are I still won't like it if the reload-time of a weapon has been lowered by 0.2 seconds, a car has slightly more friction in corners and there are two new playermodels to chose from...

That said, if a mod's release is clearly labeled as being very early in development I won't count it as the "first version I tried" but more as a look behind the scenes of a growing project.
On a similar note, if a new release comes with a changelog that basically says the whole thing has changed to something I might enjoy more I will of course give it another chance.

I am also rather forgiving when it comes to bugs and small missing features if I see the mod is on the right track and the developers care about fixing problems in future patches.

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