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Wraiyth Jun 27 2011 replied:

No I'm not.

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Wraiyth Jul 7 2010 says:

Hey mate, I haven't done any Source modding for a long long time, so I have no idea what the deal is with the shaders anymore, sorry

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Wraiyth Jan 3 2010 says:

happy new year mate :)

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Wraiyth Dec 24 2009 replied:

We've got alot of fundamental issues causing our bad performance that we'll be addressing properly in CR3.

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Wraiyth Oct 28 2009 replied:

Thats because there is no listing and Valve deals with mods oddly. More accurately, any mod is actually a Source Engine mod + required content. You can own only Day of Defeat Source, but you still get the base engine required for mods to be played on without owning Half Life 2.
However, modders can load content from other games, meaning that you're required to own additional games in order to play the mod. But the way this works is pretty much the exception and its not really worth compensating for, because all you're doing is arguing semantics.

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Wraiyth Oct 23 2009 says:

Hello person I dont know!

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Wraiyth Jul 2 2009 says:

I smell a more serious case of Valve Fanboyism than I have...
I never thought that they're making so much money that they should be boycotted as a result. Fans boycott things because they believe (correctly or incorrectly) that they are being wrongly done by. In this case, Valve haven't yet delivered what they said they would. Even if they do deliver on L4D content (I don't know why they would if they have a newer game to support), they've still got a fragmented community.
If you read reviews for Left 4 Dead, the general consensus is that there wasn't really enough content to justify the price tag and most people brought it on the promise that there would definitely be more. So far, that more hasn't been delivered.

Just because a company works hard on something doesnt mean everyone HAS to respect their work and agree with what the are doing. I'm sure there are mods or games or people or ideas that you dislike. The fact that you're disrespecting my opinion right here is a reflection on how hypocritical your whole stance is.
As a Source modder with a mod being distributed on Steam, Valve have done a hell of alot for me, and I respect that. That doesn't mean I have to agree with everything they do and have to support them 100% in every single thing they do

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Wraiyth Jul 2 2009 says:

Quote:So, you'd think such a company would be economic troubles, well, the truth is, they ARE

Along with every other company in the Western world...

Quote:Talk about disrespect?

Ignoring the fact that Valve came out before the release of L4D2 and said that it would be supported the same as TF2 with free content...

Basically, people are ****** off because they bought the game under the impression that there would be updates like TF2 (and you talked about the content in those updates anyway), and Valve havent delivered. Instead of announcing what they will deliver in TF2, they announced a new product.
Say you bought a car and the manufacturer said that later on, they would upgrade your car with a new stereo, new leather interior, mags... all for free. But instead of upgrading your car, they bought out a new one with all those features and the same price tag. You bought the car under the impression you'd get it upgraded, but you haven't, and instead theres a new product with things that you believe should have been in your car. You have a right to be angry because you have been misled in your original purchase.
Thats whats happening here, and thats why consumers have a right to be angry.

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Wraiyth Jul 2 2009 says:

It hasn't taken them so long to do it, its probably taken 12-18 months, given that it started development straight after the L4D release

Your article is simply flawed in so many ways its not funny. A few points...

Quote:They gave five full games for a price of $50 in the Orange Box

Valve were able to do this purely because of Steam and probably made more money as a result. Going through a traditional publisher selling on the shelf at full price, Valve might have seen 25% IF THEY WERE VERY VERY LUCKY. Because of Steam, Valve saw the full profits of the game, meaning they made more money but were still able to sell everything cheapy to the consumer.

Quote:MODS that profitise off of their engines that they've worked so hard on, and they don't ask for that much of a cut in the profit in return

Err, where did you get this idea?

created their own Mod developement wiki

Which is maintained by community members... Epic have a Wiki as well for Unreal, and I'm sure theres a CryEngine one there somewhere. This is not unique to Valve.

Quote:Nobody still buys Half Life.

I disagree 100% on that. There was a sale for Half Life on last year to celebrate its 10th anniversary, selling at 99 cents. I bet people got it then.

Quote:Valve's money all comes from pure game sales, they do NOT make money off of anything else

Wrong again. Steam sales.

Quote:those constant Team Fortress 2 upgrades come to you for FREE, you are never charged

But what you miss is the fact that with each content release, TF2 is VERY heavily promoted and put on sale all over Steam, very highly publicised, and probably sells more copies because people know its going to be supported freely. If you look at the sales of expansions vs the additional sales Valve wouldn't have gotten without these updates, you'll probably see Valve ahead.

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Wraiyth Jun 26 2009 says:

Long time no see.

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Wraiyth May 30 2009 says:

I think everyone is missing the point in that HL2 is a prime example because it GUIDES the players eye to something rather than FORCING it. Most games grab you and say 'here, lose control and watch this cutscene so you know whats going to happen!' whereas HL2 uses these kinds of prompts - crows, sounds, NPC lines (theres an instance where Alyx points up and says 'watch out!' and human instinct tells you that something is probably happening.
Its not the freedom of GAMEPLAY and STORY - someone mentioned Fallout 3 and STALKER - this is discussing the methods of drawing the players attention to a specific event in the world. HL2s events will still play out whether or not you pay attention to them. Yes, its linear and 'on rails', but so are plenty of other great games. Movies are linear as well, I don't see movie viewers complaining about not having freedom in choosing what happens in their movie.
The problem is less about linearity and more the fact that designers STILL have no idea how to actually present a proper story and all the events in the game. Movies encompass many things, and games only explore a fraction of them. Theres plenty of non-linear, open-ended games that have problems, but this article isnt about that.

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Wraiyth May 17 2009 says:

Front paged, good work twins ;)

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Wraiyth Feb 6 2009 says:

Congratulations on the Steam release guys, very well deserved. Downloading now :D

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Wraiyth Jan 28 2009 says:

Quote:I would explain but I am certain y'all would not give a care about what I say.

Aww, dont worry. I love you.

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Wraiyth Jan 27 2009 says:

Oi do you use MSN?

+1 vote   member: Gibberstein
Wraiyth Jan 22 2009 replied:

Hehe, feel free to re-add me if you want. I was just excruciatingly BORED at the time and looking for people to add :P

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Wraiyth Jan 19 2009 says:


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Wraiyth Jan 19 2009 says:

How old are you really

+1 vote   member: Deathbagel
Wraiyth Jan 18 2009 says:

Grats to all the mods that made it to the Top 100, and cheers to everyone that voted for Age of Chivalry. Some fierce competition there yet again... may the best mods win :)

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Wraiyth Jan 4 2009 says:

I originally created those groups to update all the games in the database so they're linked to developers and publishers. Originally when V4 opened, nothing was linked and it was partially my job to work on it.
Unfortuantely, the creator of a group can't remove themselves from the group and no other staff member has gotten around to doing it for me :)

+1 vote   member: Deathbagel
Wraiyth Jan 2 2009 says:

Good luck to all teams. Theres plenty of great quality stuff out there, and plenty of competition, so may the best team win :)

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Wraiyth Jan 2 2009 says:

In reply to your post about Orange Box shaders, theres no shader support for OB at all. Alot of things have changed, and no, there are no mods using post-process shaders.
The best you could achieve would be some magic using Color Correction, but for anything outside that, you don't have a hope until the SDK is updated.

+1 vote   member: sirpalee
Wraiyth Jan 2 2009 says:

A very late but jolly Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! :D
I've only dropped into the site once every few weeks lately to see if anything big in modding has been going on, so sorry about the lateness of the good wishes.

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Wraiyth Dec 13 2008 replied:

Not playtesting, just making the balance adjustments. That stuff is all pretty much controlled in our playerclass & weapon scripts, which is a change only one person needs to make :)

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Wraiyth Dec 13 2008 replied:

Of course we're addressing gameplay and balance issues as well, its not something we just ignore. It doesnt take every single team member to address balance.

+1 vote   news: Age of Chivalry Preview Thursday #6 - Devastation and Brutality
Wraiyth Sep 28 2008 replied:

Its not released on Steam until October 2nd, as per the news post.

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Wraiyth Sep 27 2008 says:

Grats to Insurgency and the other mods that all got this opportunity. Its a great thing that Valve are doing for the mod community.

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Wraiyth Aug 25 2008 replied:

I dunno, maybe where you are. Over in the great RipOff land of AUs, OB on the shelf probably still costs 70 bucks, at least.

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Wraiyth Aug 25 2008 says:

Next poll needs to be 'Who has the worst grammar' and the only choice should be Lodle :)
I think this poll is too rigid. I tend to buy games depending on whats A) released first, B) cheapest and C) available. You can't get Audiosurf or GMod boxed. But some games take AGES to become available on a Digital Distribution service, although if they are, they tend to be cheaper. Some are available there beforehand, so it really depends on what the game is, the cost and how badly I want it.

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Wraiyth Aug 25 2008 says:

Disappointed at the fact that you have more awesomer permissions than me :(

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