Hey, We plays games and stuff (cliche I know). But we love the indie gaming community and want to see it prosper and grow and true talent recognized. We have a Youtube channel. Its still young and growing. To anyone who publishes a game.......thank you, your all brilliant in your own ways!

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Game Review on Apr 23rd, 2013

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One Late Night
7 Review

Game Review on Apr 13th, 2013

The Good:
- Atmosphere - must need for any horror game and this has plenty from flying chairs to haunted printers!
- Sound - Another crucial part of any horror game. The sounds were creepy , unexpected in parts and overall a superb job from the get go. The title screen had me nervous.
- Graphics - Smooth and crisp. Just how I like it.

The needs improvement:
- Finding the objects became annoying. After a while you keep having to go back into rooms you thought you cleared to get something that clearly wasn't there before. It frustrating but it didn't kill the atmosphere too badly.
- Some of the mechanics (i.e some of the cupboards, picking up objects) was a little frustrating as you could only do certain things if you were placed in the exact correct spot.
- Characters. Important to myself maybe not to others, but I was a little disappointed not to find out more about the main characters especially with Robert.

Overall though, I thought this was an excellent well crafted horror game up alongside slender and scp, but isn't quite there on the same level as Amnesia. Definitely give it a go and I have already recommended my friends and family play it..

My lets play playlist of the game.... Youtube.com

8 Review

Game Review on Apr 9th, 2013

Great and fun little game. It took me a while to fix the fonts to get it to play but I have to say I was thoroughly impressed when I did get it to work. It has excellent use of characters for being such a short horror game and it doesn't use cheap jump scare tactics either which I love. The music and setting were also excellent. One constructive thing to mention is that I recommend upping the difficulty factor as the game progresses, I failed on my first attempt (see youtube) but when I went back to play more I progressed through the levels pretty easily. Apart from that excellent work and I even did a small lets play on my YouTube channel for my Indie Game web series. Check it out below if you want to see my first attempt at the game (i.e. My fail).



Black Out:The Proof
7 Review

Game Review on Mar 4th, 2013

So this is the second installation of the game...... and its definitely a great carry on from the first. I've very much enjoyed the story this developer has been able to tell and I still think there can be something very good about this slender series. It has enormous potential, like the first, but if it wasn't for a few buggy and annoying parts then my score would of been higher. It seemed that you were almost playing catch up to slender at one point and as soon as you got close he spawned far away from your location meaning that gameplay took a long time to get through. Also he seemed much less of a threat then in the first one. Apart from that it was a well put together Idea and I think with a little more work BOTH games could be successful. KUTGW. Check out my mini play through on youtube here -------> Youtu.be

Black Out
7 Review

Game Review on Feb 28th, 2013

This game and its story has a lot of potential. I like the build up and the different style of collecting items to avoid Slender. The only problems I faced was controlling the car. Other then that it was a little short on content but it makes for a fun and short experience. Can't wait to see more from this developer. Check out wickedtunagame on YouTube to watch my play through

7 Review

Game Review on Feb 16th, 2013

For what it is..... it does it well. Its simplistic approach and multiple choice style game play kept me on my guard the entire time. It was creepy but not scary. I think its on the cusp of being a great game with a little more being added but overall a great job benjamin rivers and Co. Watch my play through of it on youtube if you like




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