After all your efforts to avoid Slender, and get out of the forest, you succeeded, however, now, you're trying to prove your friends, and the world, that Slender exists, hoping that some exorcist, or ghost-buster team will take in the case, and stop this non-sense harassment! You return to the forest with a photo-camera ONLY, to take a few pictures of Slender.But, will you escape alive?

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I like the fact that the game is indeed different, I was already borred by all the monotonic ALL the same Slender games!

The gameplay is kind of dull and the flashlight had no reason to be there since the environment wasn't dark. I liked the idea of having a camera in the game though so 6/10 for the effort.

So this is the second installation of the game...... and its definitely a great carry on from the first. I've very much enjoyed the story this developer has been able to tell and I still think there can be something very good about this slender series. It has enormous potential, like the first, but if it wasn't for a few buggy and annoying parts then my score would of been higher. It seemed that you were almost playing catch up to slender at one point and as soon as you got close he spawned far away from your location meaning that gameplay took a long time to get through. Also he seemed much less of a threat then in the first one. Apart from that it was a well put together Idea and I think with a little more work BOTH games could be successful. KUTGW. Check out my mini play through on youtube here ------->


Good game, new slender environment and gameplay, pretty original except the fact that the bad guy is slender like in a lot of games now, still a much better game then the first one, and the fact that it's made by one man in a few weeks should receive a lot of respect.


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