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Water_Lily Jan 12 2014 says:

So I downloaded this a few days ago and went to play it tonight but sadly I could not get far. The first time I started it up everything was dark. There were no lights at all and half of the items that are supposed to be there did not show up including those that were necessary to continue on with the game. After a while I gave up and restarted only to find it was a completely different game upon reload. Every thing seemed fine then until I tried to use the key to get in to the electrical room. It could take my key but the door refused to open. Do to these glitches I'm afraid I will be unable to do anything with this game, I hope others have better luck then I did.

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Water_Lily Oct 2 2013 says:

My friends and I would love to play this, we have been looking forward to this with great excitement since we finished the first one.

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Water_Lily Apr 25 2013 replied:

Oh ok well I must say it worked great!

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Water_Lily Apr 25 2013 says:

So far this story is great but I have run in to two rather nasty glitches. The rest was in the in when I went to hop in to the closet of the room with blood all over I went through the back of the closet and was trapped there until I restarted the game. The second one I had entered on of the little houses to get a rod. When I was in the closet room with all the boxes I fell through a wall and in to the center of the house. Not a room mind you but the space in between them, all the walls were invisible but I couldn't get back out. I managed to get in to the hidden room but since I was unable to break the wall to get me in I was unable to get out. Finally by luck (and a lot of jumping around) I fell back through another wall and was freed. Oh and your ankle bitting custom monsters are nasty buggers, nicely done. :)

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Water_Lily Apr 21 2013 says:

So my friends and I are playing this (I am playing and they are watching) so far it is really good but we did notice one thing that we weren't sure if it was a glitch of not. While trying to figure out the candle puzzle (which took for freakin ever!) we noticed that when we entered one of the rooms with the wooden door the scary just cut off and it became dead silence. While this was really freaky to go from the loud there could be a monster anywhere music to nothing we happened to notice the next time we entered that same room the sound was back. This also happened in the scantum in the room with the crazy amount of boxes. I know its not a big deal and doesn't affect game play at all just thought it was odd that, that happened. We are really enjoying the game so far though and can't wait to see what will happen the next time we start it up. :)

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