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In Limbo

Mod review

Strange rooms,an unneeded amount of items,scary monsters jumping out of closets, few cheap scares and a short story which I personally couldn't really follow...

Yup that sums up my experience of this mod in the shortest way possible. It has faults such as the cheap scares,strangely uncluttered rooms, a very linear path towards everything I barely had to explore other rooms, these cheap scares and having a random scary monster try to eat my face within the first 2 minutes of the game. Not really my cup o' tea there.

But as it goes this is the developers first mod and even though it has the flaws in which I have listed above it has quite a lot of potential, all of our first mods have flaws but if this got expanded upon it could be made into something great! I couldn't follow the story myself but from reading the notes you could do a lot with it it just needs a bit of more work.

Nevertheless its a good start for a first mod I am looking forward to future releases by this developer as from seeing this I know it can get better.



Dear Esther

Mod review

Dear esther is a very different mod, not the usual FPS you see being made these days. The atmosphere of the island is strong and very ambient. It gets you thinking on why the main character is on this island and what happened to him, what is happening to him right now and what is going to happen to him throughout the island as a broken man.

As the description explains "The answers are out there, on the lost beach and the tunnels under the island. Or then again, they may just not be, after all..." I saw quite a few things on the island which i wont spoil to you but i can say they are quite interesting and leads you to where they're going.

The mod is very well made and makes you think. The narrator explains the situations easily and the mod itself is great to play and really gets you thinking.

So it gets a 9/10 from me



Mod review

This mod is a lot of fun when getting into it. But i found it REALLY difficult from the start since i spent all my starting money on an AK and a USP and i had barely any money since well its pretty much my own fault that i misread the ammo description, i thought 1 meant 1 clip of ammo not 1 bullet. So once me and my friend Pie got into it we were SCREWED. Since it lacked the ability to sell stuff to vendors yet and that melee weapons were absent we struggled to find survivors for rescue missions and to earn us back some money to buy us an antidote.

But after playing it through and me and my friend managing to get a decent amount of ammo ( with the help of another friend) the game got much better but less difficult. Although i must say it was really fun playing it from the start even though lacking ammo.

Another note from the start is that there are only 3 characters to choose from. It would be much better if there was more characters to use (could just input some skins from HL2).

To conclude this i love this mod, its great fun you should really check it out. Just don't make the same mistake i made with the ammo. Just buy a pistol enough ammo and go out and hunt zombies and survivors with your friends. Now all this needs now is the ability to sell items and some more player skins.

It was one hell of a hard mod from the start and the shortness of player skins put it down as well as the fact you cant sell stuff. But i had so much fun playing this with friends. It has good immersion and is great fun to play so i give it a 7/10.

Check it out now, its quite good.


Zombie Master Black Edition

Mod review - 1 agree

Zombie Master Black Edition itself is a very fun mod to play. As the survivors who are the players playing the game through a FPS perspective must complete objectives and survive their encounter with the Zombie Masters zombies. A single survivor gets a single life each round and if killed cannot play until the next round. This proves both challenging and can be an annoyance and currently zombies can one hit kill you with the exception of the Wobbler who in some cases two hit kills you instead. This can be an annoyance as some Zombie Masters will prefer to just spam zombies at the players even if there are only a few number of survivors starting off making it extremely challenging for the survivors although this can be fended off easily with a good number of skilled players. The survivors have to use teamwork in order to complete their objective or else if put up against even the most inexperienced Zombie Master can fail their objective.

The player playing as the Zombie Master gains a birds eye view of the map in a RTS perspective and must kill off all the survivors and stop them from completing their objective by creating ambushes and trapping the survivors with spawnable zombies. The Zombie Master can also use environmental traps to kill off the survivors. All of these abilities use up resource points which is gathered over time.

This mod as said can be extremely fun to play especially with friends. But as a lot of people believe the Zombie Master zombies are overpowered and should not be a one hit kill (This is going to be changed in version 2.0). I believe they're slightly overpowered but easy to overcome with a good amount of teamwork.

The one thing that lets me down is the lack of servers and people playing. I rarely see that many people playing this mod and i believe it deserves much more publicity. And with the lack of servers none of us can play then the main server is taken down for testing or other stuff.

It is a fun mod with only a few problems.

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