Grew up playing video games, my first game ever was "dig dug" for the Nintendo. My favorite old game so far is "Secret of Mana" for the Super Nintendo, and my current favorite New age game is "Company of Heroes" For the PC. I love RPGs, Strategy, and Tactical games. I will speed up however for a Good FPS such as "Counter-strike:Source" or "Battlefield:Bad Company 2" My overall favorite tactical game is Starcraft. I also believe people should learn the difference between a tactical game and a strategy game. To me Tactics are used to win a battle, Examples: Starcraft, Company Of Heroes, Warcraft 3, Command and conquer and so on. Strategy to me means a way to win a war or an over all plan. Examples: "Supreme Commander", "Homeworld 2", Total War games *Empire, Medieval 2, Rome* On the campaign map at least. "Hearts of Iron" or just about anything made by "Paradox Interactive". Tactics and strategy mix a lot but games that do one or the other should be labeled correctly and call

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