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Versatyle May 21 2010 replied:

Not sure how the game works, but he could be asking simply for an alternative way to download the game. Many people get better speeds on a p2p download than the alternative.

-2 votes   game: Evochron Legends
Versatyle Mar 27 2010 says:

I understand what you're trying to say, and while I agree with much of it, I disagree with your choice of games as well as how you went about this.

For example: Neotokyo. It's more than just a CSS clone with better aiming. It's a tactical shooter that makes you think about your advantages and disadvantages in a certain situation and make the most of it. It also forces players to cooperate and use teamwork on a level equal to that of teamwork in many Gaming Leagues.

Although I personally don't like KC, you're fairly misguided in believing it brings nothing new to the table. It's a third person melee on the source engine. It's nothing short of a marvelous achievement (in my books) considering it's primarily used as a first person engine, not to mention the fact that hit detection using melee weapons is quite different than hitscan detection with a fairly long range.

What I didn't like about the way you presented your argument is that you took snap, initial judgements about games which didn't fancy your interest rather than investigate them, which would have possibly revealed different results.

+1 vote   blog: Gameplay or Graphics.Gameplay DUUH
Versatyle Feb 25 2010 says:

Awesome map. Just hoping it doesn't have any optimization issues like Quagmire did. Can't wait to play 1.2

+1 vote   news: Beta 1.2 - New Level Showcase - 'MYST'
Versatyle Feb 6 2010 says:

Congrats to Radi-8! Keep it up and keep those updates coming so that you can place 1st in 2010 MOTY.

+1 vote   mod: NEOTOKYO┬░
Versatyle Feb 5 2010 says:

Really looking forward to Overgrowth. Grats to NS2. Very deserving win.

+1 vote   feature: Players Choice - Indie Game of the Year
Versatyle Jan 31 2010 says:

I was rooting for NT. It's definitely a top notch mod. TBH though, I don't see why it was MW:LL that got it in the end. From the looks of it, the gameplay video looks fairly bland (Granted, so does Neotokyo's) and the weapons in the videos underwhelming. It looks like an updated version of Wulfram. ( Congratulations none the less.

-3 votes   feature: Editors Choice - Best Multiplayer Mod
Versatyle Jan 29 2010 says:

To be honest, I can see how the Naruto mod would be completely different and refreshing than most mods today, but it just doesn't seem that great. The movement looks awkward, the gameplay looks silly, and the sound is just annoying. I would have put my bet on Raindrop or Cry of Fear.

+4 votes   feature: Editors Choice - Best Upcoming Mod
Versatyle Jan 25 2010 says:

I've gone through just about every one of those clients for team meetings and the only one that works well while gaming even on a shaky connection is Ventrilo. I've tried mumble but even without playing a game it still cuts in and out. Tons of cool features though.

+1 vote   poll: What program do you use for team meetings?
Versatyle Jan 4 2010 replied:

You mean exactly like halo? I hope not. Not to say Halo isn't a good game, I just don't think it would work well in this game.

+1 vote   mod: Orion: Source
Versatyle Jan 3 2010 replied:

No they should not. Honestly, I don't have a problem with the other maps. They play well and are well balanced for both teams (this being me pointing out to you that what you are looking for is eye candy on a map, not quality of gameplay on the maps). Perhaps you should sniff out some Unreal 3 engine mods. They have much more eye candy than the HL2 engine can provide.

Also, might I add that what you are complaining about is the maps themselves not Orion's gameplay, which is much more important than the positioning of certain shrubbery on maps.

+1 vote   mod: Orion: Source
Versatyle Jan 3 2010 says:

Heh. Having trouble signing up on your forums. Received an activation email telling me (lol) to print out the email and fax or send it, when searching for such a fax number or address, I found none. Trying to keep me away, are you?

+1 vote   mod: Orion: Source
Versatyle Jan 2 2010 replied:

Sorry to hear it man, though I can't say I'm terribly disappointed. Anyone who nitpicks about graphics (and SHRUBBERY no less) and minor fixable errors during a first beta doesn't rank high on my list.

You obviously didn't play on Quagmire either, if you seem to think the game is lacking in visuals... If it weren't for the optimization issues, that's one beautiful map.

+1 vote   mod: Orion: Source
Versatyle Dec 30 2009 replied:

It looks like 2004. I think the announcer got it right.

+1 vote   feature: A Year in Review - May
Versatyle Dec 15 2009 replied:

Alien weaponry is coming in a future update. They only have human weapons in this Beta version. I'm not sure what they are, but one can always be hopeful.

+1 vote   news: Orion Beta 1.0 Released!
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