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Mod review - 3 agree - 25 disagree

Ok, this mod is pretty, pretty landscapes, pretty armours and weapons.

This is the good thing about the mod.
Then there is the coding of the mod, which is mostly done by them with some OSP stuff.

But the coding of it is **** and it lags my PC to **** and I can run Native full graphics but I have to play this on low and I get constant crashes.

The funny thing is, the only good thing about this mod is the stuff that is not done by them and the bad thing about it is the only bit they did. lol.


Mount & Blade: Warband

Game review - 3 agree

Amazing, this game and its predeccesor have had me hooked for years now, it is the one game I ahve installed and never uninstalled XD the singleplayer allows you to create your own epic story and character and the multiplayer really makes it so that if you have great skill you are a great warrior and shall forever be remembered on the taleworlds forums!


Mount and Musket: Battalion

Mod review - 22 agree - 6 disagree

The best mod for warband!


mm mod

Mod review - 3 disagree