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Skyrim Fighters Guild v1.2

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Altogether extremely awkwardly made. There's a lot of issues with other mods, fairly dirty in terms of edits, but this doesn't really go into the design. Rooms are empty and clash even with the most basic of vanilla cells. The writing is stilted and awkward with various typos throughout. Quest design is often simplistic at best and insulting on average.


Return to Helgen V4.3

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Dark Lore Grimoire V3.2

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Arktwend - The Forgotten Realm

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Biggest problem I have with it is the level design and writing. It’s clear that there was more than one person on the team doing interiors, and one of those people should not have been allowed near a computer. Like, ever. I almost want to say it was the lead dev's little brother or something, because these interiors were just that awful.
Writing is kinda boring, and feels like a lot got lost in translation. On the plus side, the main quest in terms of design and gameplay is great (skiing, airship piloting, wars, yay!) even if the plot is kind of loose.


Crossfire 2.0

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