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Can you please help me?

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Hello I am random person 6978, I heared from my ol' good buddy pal friend best amigo mate friend pal taco ol' chum chum pal friend, MxR mods, that you were making a little thing called 'Maxwell's world' and that's swell. I also heard you like comedy, I had an idea, well two actual, of what you could implement. First, hopefully you already had this idea, Maxwell's world could have ties with hallucigen, I forget the name but the one with the insane gas (also you should be able to get more gas in your map for the grenades, just a side though) also if you have got this far you want to hear my second idea, ye train-kun noticed me. Second idea, the main one, A companion or one of the survivors. They could be a ghoul, a kid ghoul, in his mind at least maybe a boss or enemy if you wanted just a character, when I say kid ghoul that's not true, body of a child but the mind containing thoughts neither child nor human should even have. long time in isolation before anyone came drove him beyond human limitation. He doesn't realise what's happened, he refuses to realise what's happened, to him its just a 210 year journey to 'the most wonderful place on earth' as he would call it. You thought feral ghouls were bad? clearly you haven't met him, also I want to add that maybe not a companion at the beginning of the quest he could be an anti-hero type role acting randomly and playing games with you leaving you presents or traps, releasing feral's he could have a hide out containing what were his parents he could be creepy yet the player want to help him, fear him simultaneously. Also just putting out there that if your down with hallucigen idea you could make some areas reminiscient of dead money in fallout NV if you haven't played it I enjoyed it and recommend it. Your mod feels a spiritual successor to that. Anyway, Happy deving!

-Yours appropriate wordly, the name thats at the top of this msg
P.S if you read it all, reading increased to 111
if you want to use the idea go ahead just msg me so I can give myself a cookie, I'd offer my help in quest writing or something but I'll leave the magic to you though if you want me to elaborate on the ghoul child charactermun I'd be happy to.

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