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tommytoxen Mar 6 2013 replied:

I've been using computers since 1992 I'm not stupid :P

Linux Debian, installed Linux version via Desura.

I have a high end gaming machine, it isn't in the range of the recommended system requirements, it surpasses and is miles and eons above the recommended system requirements..

Anyway, it just won't launch. Tried uninstalling & reinstalling, there aren't even any error messages, just doesn't do anything. Weird.

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tommytoxen Mar 5 2013 says:

great start.. doesnt even launch

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tommytoxen Dec 29 2012 replied:

Never get any replies there.. lol

But I think I've sorted it, played a couple of missions now and it hasn't crashed.. yet. UFO doesn't like high resolutions it seems, I've managed to get it up to 1280x768 without it crashing now. It gets laggy at times in some missions which it shouldn't really, I've got a Radeon 7970. I can play Metro Crysis 2, well what ever you want to name on ultra full whack without even a hint of a stutter yet UFO lags.. strange stuff.

Definitely something to do with it not liking the resolution.

But other than that I've really been enjoying this game, recommend it to anyone. Cept Ubuntu users with good graphics cards who want a decent resolution ofc :P

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tommytoxen Dec 26 2012 replied:

Just played it, 10/10 thanks thoroughly enjoyed that. Forgot how difficult it was though, got my butt kicked.

Great game, well done!

Wish there was a proper WWII scenario though, starting in 1939 with Russia & America & Japan joining later like in real life

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tommytoxen Dec 26 2012 says:

Are people playing this yet? Not gonna install if nobody plays

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tommytoxen Dec 26 2012 says:

Unplayable. Keeps crashing.

+1 vote   game: UFO: Alien Invasion
tommytoxen Dec 26 2012 says:

I installed this a couple of months ago but couldn't get any sound and it was sooo laggy. I was on UE 3.4 at the time though.

On the latest Linux Mint now so may give it another go.

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