I started programming games when I was a young kid. Well, I wasn’t that young, but now it feels like ages have passed since then. I can’t remember the day I said “I wanna make a game!”, but I guess I started GameDev simply because I liked playing them. And here I am, studying computer science and dreaming of a job in the game development industry. I consider myself a realist, and I know that my chances aren’t all shiny when judging the quality of my past projects. But I’m still learning, and most important, always full of ideas, so I often drop projects and start over with something new. I’m a passionate programmer, that is my “job specialization”, and when I try to create game assets and graphics, what comes out eventually is widely called ‘programmers art’. If you’re put off by that, I’d advise you not to take a look at my current projects. (Hint: I'm always looking for someone to help me out with the graphics)

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Monster Mega Mayhem

Game review - 1 agrees

just plain splatter fun!


GameStudio A6 / A7

Engine review

Great and easy to use engine that is usually undervalued.

Its easy scripting language is perfect for beginners. Comes with good and solid documentation.
If you ever need help you'll find it in the community forum at the official homepage.



Game review