I started programming games when I was a young kid. Well, I wasn’t that young, but now it feels like ages have passed since then. I can’t remember the day I said “I wanna make a game!”, but I guess I started GameDev simply because I liked playing them. And here I am, studying computer science and dreaming of a job in the game development industry. I consider myself a realist, and I know that my chances aren’t all shiny when judging the quality of my past projects. But I’m still learning, and most important, always full of ideas, so I often drop projects and start over with something new. I’m a passionate programmer, that is my “job specialization”, and when I try to create game assets and graphics, what comes out eventually is widely called ‘programmers art’. If you’re put off by that, I’d advise you not to take a look at my current projects. (Hint: I'm always looking for someone to help me out with the graphics)

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0 comments by Ti1m4n on Jul 12th, 2010

Hi everybody,I've just signed up here and taking a look around the site. I'm planning to use it to get some more people interested in the games I create. However, It'll take some time until i upload anything here, I'm currently under heavy stress from exams. Enough of the talk, I should go back learning.

EDIT: If you want to some of my work I've done, be sure to visit my Website, the link in the "Contact" field on the right side of my profile.

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