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A game made by arcade lover FOR arcade lovers.


Cave Story+

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For a game to be good it must be fun for ALL players. Cave Story clearly misses that point.
Still, it's a good game, and i personally enjoyed it. Whether or not you'll enjoy it too depends on how much will power you got.



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Minecraft is truly a great game. It is both challenging and fun to play. The huge amounts of freedom to do whatever you want has never been seen in any other game.
The problem is that "to do whatever you want" doesn't involve much choice. The gameplay itself is quite shallow, and the play usually doesn't have much to do except, well, mine and build stuff. After a while, even the fighting starts to feel like nothing but a minor disturbance.
The lack of a large variety of blocks to spread across this huge world, and a purpose to keep moving on and playing this game simply ruins it.
Maybe some NPC's, quests, goals and challenges will make this game a true masterpiece. Until then, it's a 6/10.