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This will probably be one of the games I won't ever finish.
I don't know, I find it being a really annoying immersion breaker that I can't turn off the stupid breathing sounds.

I'd rather be scared myself, rather than to have my scripted character act as if I was scared.
I'd also rather breathe myself.

I find it extremely annoying having some stupid huffing and puffing constantly going on in my ears just because some retarded game designer felt that it wasn't an idiotic ******* idea to have users unable to turn that **** off.

It ****** me off when developers enforce their stupid **** on users.

I mean it would have been nice to be able to turn it off. It does NOT make me zone in more and feel part of the game world, it shuts me out when I'm not even allowed to breathe for myself.

Thanks Red Barrel, you suck ******* dog ****. Thanks for having me wasting cash on this garbage.
It should be enlisted on the game page on steam like "Non optional constant breathing loop sounds thrughout the entire game".

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