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Hey everyone. I'm still getting my head around this new modDB site. It's looking pretty schmexy.

Here's a gold star to the modDB crew *

Well, anyways. I have to write something here, so i figured i could make a little article about games.

 This mate of mine is a brainstormer/game-tester at EA here in norway, and he's telling me that big companies give jackshit about what the idea-tanks come up with. He says their attitude is; "It's the graphics that buy off the masses" and "Hell, that sold well, let's make a copy". We all know this, but it's kinda bad when an employee says that his boss actually litteraly said that. 

 EA has been going down the drain for a long time now. After spoiling the CnC series with the mediocre "tiberium wars" (it was ok, but the CnC series really deserved a better sequel), and buying out every single good game company and pissing all over them.

But they did atleast buy the right company when they bought Maxis.

Maxis are the creators of great titles like "The sims" and "Sim city#".  The mind behind maxis is a brilliant man named Will wright. This guy got it all right, he says that games need more player interactivity and customisation ability, and he also puts creativity and gameplayexpansion (a.k.a coding) over Graphics.

Spore is Wrights latest title, which is coming out this march, and it focuses on giving the player the tools to Completely customize and modify the game environment. You get the opportunity to create every single model and object you see around you. From the flora, to the fauna. From the cities to the space-ships.

 There should be more games like this under development.

But instead we get Far crysis IV finish the fight, and Call of halo 34.

The big companies have to get their heads out of their asses sometimes soon, and realize that making games is not about making money, it's a form of expression. It's art. Let it stay artistic. Don't shit all over creativity with your endless sequels and dull gameplay.

Give us something original and creative! Something you can play for ages and never get bored of, because every time you turn on the game, it gives you something new to look at, or invites you to create something.

-Peter landswerk a.k.a Posessed 

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we are currently working on a Stargate mod for Call of Duty 4. Wonder if you wanted to help us? We could definetely use your experience!


King Lionheart

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Hey dude, still thinking about this project?

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I would like to join the crew for the Seven Hours mod.

I'm a mapper with about 2½ year's experience altough I've never been working in a mod for a long time before, I feel I would really lay down some time on this mod since I love the idea of living thru the 7 hour war.

I can model a little to but that was about 1 year ago I modelled, I've made a machine gun turret based on the MG turret on Halo's warthog.

I'm Sorry but I've got no pics but if you would assign me this project, I would'nt let you down(I hope).

Name:jonathan Dahlström
Nickname: Sleazy.
Age: 14 very soon 15
Country: Sweden
Gender: Male

Prefered skill: Mostly mapping and a little modelling.
Computer Experience: 5-6 years
Previous work/References: I worked on the mod Operation Black Mesa for about a week but stopped because I did'nt have the right feeling for that mod. Sorry no pics from eny previous work.
Time spend on the mod per week: I don't know maybe 4-9 hours per week. I can get alot done on that time.

I'm posting this here because you have not given me an answer on your forums.

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jonte00, What the hell?? You didnt ever work for us. You just applied and we said no!

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Theater Creator

Good man.

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Yep thats me.

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